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Last week I installed Dune 2000 and soon after I noticed it had messed up the internet connection stuff on Emperor.  I reinstalled the game, repatched it, etc. but then I realized that I had no idea what my password was to get online (I've been using RA's server).  I just used the auto login and I can't figure it out now.  Is there a way I can retrieve it or should I give up and just make a new one?

Also I have an unrelated problem.  If my computer has been on for a while the CD drive seems to stop working.  The auto-run won't activate, programs ask to insert the CD even though it's in, and it doesn't appear in the My Computer window.  If I restart, it goes back to normal but after a day or so the same problem occurs again. Why?

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With the first issue, it was probably Shared Internet Components (SIC).

Your password is stored on your machine in encrypted format, so it looks like a load of gobledygook :P.

RA will have the same password stored so will not be able to give you your REAL password, but you can still use that should you need to move your installation around from computer to computer. Alternatively, ask RA to delete the account, and then you can recreate it.

Thats a better solution.

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