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unnamed story


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    It was a dark moonless night out in the Bronx, New York. It was a perfect night for the hoodlums to be out causing their havoc by mugging, extorting and drug dealing. You name it, it was being done. One man with a tall muscular build and a black crew cut was going through the back alleys nonchalantly with his hands stuffed into his pockets. His demeanor looked like that of a lost tourist. He looked incapable of doing any harm at all.


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    The two men grabbed the 9mm pistols from the back of their belts were they kep them tucked under the shirt.

    "Ight man get ya hands up, you bout to be jacked!" Ronbby exclaimed as he aimed the gun at the mans chest. "I said get yo hands up out yo pocket and get em up."

    "No, i believe what  you said first was "'Ight, man get ya hands up, you bout to be jacked,'" replied the man in a sarcastic tone. "Not only are you a low life thug but your memory sucks. Anyways are you sure you want me to take my hand out of my pockets cause.." Before the man could finish his sentence Andre came behind the man and shoved his pistol into the mans spine forcefully.

    "Just put your hands up man and empty your pockets." Andre said.

    "If you insist homey." The man started to pull his hands slowly out of the huge pockets of his hooded sweatshirt. He stopped pulling them out when he got to his wrists. " are you sure you want me to go all the way out bro?"

    "YES! just do it already man." The man's lack of fear was throwing the two muggers off track. "quit stallin."


    " Im not stalling, im just tryna warn you man,  i mean you dont know what i have in these pockets do you. Hell, maybe im wearin a kevlar under here and i have a gun in my pocket, your little pistols wont effect me. Maybe im a vice cop and if the other patrol men around the corner here a gun shot they'll come running in here. Think about that one B. the man stated in a calm voice. He knew his demeanor and words were throwing the two ally jackers off. He could tell they didnt want to shoot now but his attitude towards them was effecting their egos.

    " I DONT CARE GIVE US YOUR WALLET AND MONEY NOW DAMN YOU" Andre exclaimed in a harsh whisper.

    "Fine im done B.sing with you guys." the man said. He saw a look of relief on robby's face n he heard a sigh of relief from Andre behind him. In one quick motion he pulled his hands out of his pockets. In a blur his hands appaeared at his chest level and the two muggers saw the machine pistols he was packing. Noting how close Andre was behind him the man jumped in the air a a little bit and spread his legs between Andre's locking them around his left knee. And in one quick motion landed his hands on the ground and did a violent twist and roll so that his legs rolled forward jerking robby's knee forward. Andre Was falling forwards fast. The move the man did was so quick and unexpected it seemed like it took 2 seconds. Robby fired his gun trying to hit the man but the bullets hit Andre in the chest throat and chin. The man kept his rollin motion going all the way to his feet and fired 4 shots into Robby. Robby died right from the impact of the bullets.

  " i warned you morons." the man said.

  "Lets go! i think those morons goofed the job" The man heard the yell down the alley behind him.

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