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dune 2000 via modem

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Does anyone know how to set the modem dialing method from Dune 2000 ? A friend and I here in Russia have been trying to connect via modem to play head-to-head. The problem is that both of us are connected to mechanical telephone exchanges. Even though our windows modem settings show impulse dialing, the game seems automatically to select tonal dialing. Since our exchanges are not digital, they cannot interpret the signal. Can anyone help ?!



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Can I rephrase the question ?!

Has ANYONE played over a modem connection with the sound on while their modem connects and heard a kind of purring sound as the numbers are dialed, rather than a simple electronic beep for each? This would mean "pulse" dialing. If anyone can say "YES" then I will know that pulse dialing is possible and that the game probably probes the computer's settings first.

Then I will know to go and poke around for the possible cause and ...

most importantly ...

will stop posting boring messages and let you ladies and gentlemen get on with discussing which side has the best weapons ... ;)



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Okay, if you MUST use pulse dialing, you must set the command string parameters of the modem, that's all.

Normally, people use "ATDT", then the number being dialed.

AT = ATTENTION Command to the modem

D = Dial command to the modem

T = Use TONE method of dialing

P = Use PULSE method of dialing

So you would use; "ATDP", then the number being dialed.

If you do this and it STILL dials using tone, you'll need to get a look in your modem manual - Most good modems have a series of dip-switches, and TONE/PULSE dial toggle is usually one of them. There also commands to save your preferred command parameters to the NVRAM of your modem - They vary from modem to modem, you'll need to cunsult your manual, or modem manufacturer's website.

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