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Rewriting Cryo's Dune 1 : it seems possible !!!

Monsieur OUXX

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P. Clement commented on the way to read character facial animations from the files :

I read facial animations in Src/Gfx/DuneGfx.cpp::ReadSequence.

Class CSequence is filled with 2 lists :

- one storing frames

- one stroing frame sequences

At display time, Src/Gfx/DuneGfx.h::CAnimated::Draw takes in parameter the index of the animation sequence and the game's clock (time) to choose the correct frame to be displayed.

At the moment my program crashes/malfunctions for some specific facial animations, probably because :

- Paul's frames indices must embed additional information related to his changing eyes color

- Fremen leaders indices must embed additional information to render their changing haircuts

If someone has more information on that...

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Hey MrFibble,

thanks for the offer!

I was waiting to see if Forumers would be disciplined, and it seems they are since there hasn't been any polluting post after my last post.

So, I find it easier to keep that thread unlocked (for example I just needed to edit it, and it would have bugged me to wait for you to unlock it).

We'll see if that becomes necessary in the future.

Thanks again.

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