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Paul Atredies - Assassins and Aspirations

The Spac

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Hello everyone, spent a couple of hours writing this after I was in a Dune-ish mood and figured if BH and KJA could write dune novels why couldn't I write a bit of fan fiction.

Notes: I havn't read House Corrino I'm not sure if there is any stuff about Paul in there.

This is written when he is 12. And yeah it's just a bit of fun I had. :) I hope you all enjoy since I just finished writing it, I havn't double checked it for spelling and grammer and such, I'm much too tired to get that right, right now. 5:00am.

Paul Atredies - Assassins and Aspirations


It had been a long extensive training session with Gurney Halleck. Paul lay on his bed, in his room at the palace on Caladan. This training session had been a particularly long and tough one, even though he was twelve now, Gurney always kept teaching Paul the basics.

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