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getting dropped to desktop when starting emperor in win2k. any help guys?


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hi guys... i read through 6-7 pages of posts dealing with getting dropped to desktop instantly after a black screen when starting up Emperor on win2k and ran across the following solutions:

-update video drivers (done)

-update sound drivers (done)

-update BIOS (done)

-install service packs 1-4 for win2k (done)

-uninstall-reinstall Emperor and patch to verion 1.09 (done x 5)

-use install patch (done x 2, though the normal install always went to 100%)

my rig:

2.4 GHz Pentium 4

1 gig ram

windows 2k

NO antivirus nonsence on this machine

i dunno... i'm ready to call in a witch doctor

any help is most appreciated

***new directx diag file is attached since latest software updates (9/21/2005)

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Well, I will have a quick browse through your DX file. Sounds like a classic case of needing the install patch, but you say you have done that twice sucessfully without luck.

Did you totally uninstall before you tried the patch ? That is vitally important, or the patch will be useless...

----- EDIT --------

Right, looked at your DX File...

Nice and uptodate with drivers. You seem to be using Omega drivers. Have you tried ATIs own drivers ? I used Omegas on my 9000 until I got fed up with the unreliability and went to the original driver. Maybe it was just the fact that I totally removed the driver and reinstalled it, or the fact that I movedover to the original driver, but either way, now its rock solid in reliability terms.

Also, your mobo chipset driver seems a bit old, I dont know if there is a newer version, but check out the intel webshite for newer versions of your mobo chipset driver.

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