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News 31-08-05


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As from the site: http://d2tm.duneii.com

As you might know. School starts again. Life starts again. This means i have less time, but its not that i won't work on the project. Instead i am updating the roadmap to version 0.05 which will be available soon. There are some nice discussions going on about the global system. It will take some time to get stuff working again , but i am sure it will come out nicely.

Besides the D2TM project i am planning on something secret. But since there is so little time, don't expect anything yet.

I have updated this website with links. You can check them out at the left, press the button "links" and you'll get there. I hope you like them, if you have some link for me which should definatly be there, send me an e-mail and i will make sure it gets there.

Also, there is a new poll. Please answer it. It gives me more insight if the project is 'doomed to fail or succeed' when going into the current direction. ;)

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