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Espionage Franchise

Factions Franchise

Fed2k Deathmatch!

FED2K rpg Franchise

FED2K warlords

Hell's Armada

House Feud Franchise

Kanly Franchise

House KYA and House Setara War

~Matrix Rising~

The God Emperor's Dune

Espionage Franchise

Threads: Espionage, Espionage 2, Espionage, the spinoff, Espionage IV: The Second Coming

Author/s: Anathema, Dust Scout

Started: 7th November 2002

Last post: 5th November 2005

Total runtime: 724 days

Total posts: 433

Total Participants: 12

Synopsis: [Archivist] The idea was to play out low-key, subtle conflicts. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't.

Title: Espionage

Author: Anathema

Started: 7th November 2002

Last post: 3rd December 2002

Runtime: 27 days

Posts: 118 (4 pages)

Average posts per day: 4.3

Participants: 7: Anathema, Dust Scout, King Sard, Devil's Advocate, Sneakgab, quondam72, GhostHunter

Synopsis: [Archivist] Born from a desire to get away from large-scale conflicts and open war, Espionage was a short-lived but violent thread.

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Inactive

Title: Espionage 2

Author: Anathema

Started: 21st September 2003

Last post: 13th October 2003

Runtime: 22 days

Posts: 27 (1 page)

Average posts per day: 1.2

Participants: 4: Anathema, Clemenza, Devil's Advocate, Dust Scout

Synopsis: [Archivist] It didn't work out.

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Inactive

Title: Espionage, the spinoff

Author: Dust Scout

Started: 2nd January 2004

Last post: 31st July 2004

Runtime: 212 days

Posts: 99 (4 pages)

Average posts per day: 0.4

Participants: 4: Dust Scout, EWS, Scrinlord, Dragoon Knight

Synopsis: [Archivist] Some of the characters from the first thread, plus some interesting new additions.

Author's comment: Not the longest or the most active in the franchise, but this thread straddled the line between old and new-style fanfiction. Fewer replies, but longer and written with more detail.

Current status: Locked

Title: Espionage IV: The Second Coming

Author: Dust Scout

Started: 31st July 2004

Last post: 5th November 2005

Runtime: 463 days

Posts: 189 (7 pages)

Average posts per day: 0.4

Participants: 5: Dust Scout, Anathema, EWS, Dragoon Knight, Clemenza, theclansman1911

Synopsis: [Archivist] In the same vein as its predecessors, but more successful and less inlcined toward total war.

Author's comment: I had fun here, and it was a good opportunity to retcon the previous threads into a semi-seamless narrative.

Current status: Inactive

Factions Franchise

Threads: Arrakis Factions, Factions 2

Author/s: Davidu, Dust Scout

Started: 28th November 2004

Last post: 27th June 2006

Total runtime: 577 days

Total posts: 631

Total Participants: 11

Synopsis: [Archivist] Rooted in simplicity, pick a house and play, these two threads became the sole focus of the Fanfiction board for some time.

Title: Arrakis Factions

Author: Davidu

Started: 28th November 2004

Last post: 18th July 2005

Runtime: 233 days

Posts: 394 (14 pages)

Average posts per day: 1.7

Participants: 10: Davidu, Dunenewt, Anathema, Dust Scout, Clemenza, Dragoon Knight, Beowulf, Barbarossa, Khan, Usul

Synopsis: [Archivist] A simple idea, to choose a group of people from Dune and roleplay. Its simplicity made it one of the most successful threads in Fanfiction.

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Locked

Title: Factions 2

Author: Dust Scout

Started: 24th July 2005

Last post: 26th March 2008

Runtime: 978 days

Posts: 256 (9 pages)

Average posts per day: 0.3

Participants: 7: Dust Scout, Ghosthunter, Dragoon Knight, Davidu, Beowulf, Barbarossa, Clemenza

Synopsis: [Archivist] The continuation to Factions, created in order to further the plot rather than due to flaming or inactivity. Recently ended, calmly and with a degree of monopolism.

Author's comment: It's too bad the thread couldn't have lasted longer. Still, at just over half the length of its predecessor, it managed to pack in a great deal of action.

Current status: Locked

Title: Fed2k Deathmatch!

Author: Anathema

Started: 20th September 2002

Last post: 4th January 2003

Runtime: 106 days

Posts: 67 (3 pages)

Average posts per day: 0.6

Participants: 1: Anathema

Synopsis: [Archivist] A little difficult to classify. Like Kanly, this involved fights written by one person, and so only one person could technically take part. Nevertheless, there was enough interest to move the thread forward for three pages.

Current status: Inactive

FED2K rpg Franchise

Threads: FED2K rpg, FED2K rpg 2, FED2K RPG 3

Author/s: King Sard

Started: 6th November 2002

Last post: 20th October 2003

Total runtime: 348 days

Total posts: 414

Total Participants: 15

Synopsis: [Archivist] A series of threads detailing then Sir Sard's attempts to rally the members and protect Fed2k.

Title: FED2K rpg

Author: King Sard

Started: 6th November 2002

Last post: 28th January 2003

Runtime: 83 days

Posts: 129 (5 pages)

Average posts per day: 1.5

Participants: 9: King Sard, Ghosty_Square, Anathema, Lord_Johnsonius, quondam72, Dust Scout, Dezertfish, Lowzeewee, Nyarlathotep

Synopsis: [Archivist] An RP starring certain members of Fed2k. Others dropped into the thread in passing, but the count of participants was a bit lower.

Current status: Inactive

Title: FED2K rpg 2

Author: King Sard

Started: 30th January 2003

Last post: 1st October 2003

Runtime: 245 days

Posts: 251 (9 pages)

Average posts per day: 1

Participants: 9: King Sard, Anathema, Dust Scout, Lord_Johnsonius, Andrew, Dunenewt, Lowzeewee, Mongoose, Bryorama

Synopsis: [Archivist] The continuation of the above, involving space marines, missing Lords, and the Maha Gobbie himself.

Current status: Inactive

Title: FED2K RPG 3

Author: King Sard

Started: 7th October 2003

Last post: 20th October 2003

Runtime: 13 days

Posts: 34 (2 pages)

Average posts per day: 2.6

Participants: 4: King Sard, Dust Scout,

Sampsa Lehti hentai-sama, Cyborg

Synopsis: [Archivist] More of the same. Didn't do as well, sadly.

Current status: Inactive

Title: FED2K warlords

Author: King Sard

Started: 18th April 2004

Last post: 18th July 2004

Runtime: 91 days

Posts: 437 (15 pages)

Average posts per day: 4.8

Participants: 11: King Sard, Dust Scout, ExSPlug, Good Ol' AK, Ordos45, exatreides, Anathema, Lord_Johnsonius, Dragoon Knight, EWS, Necroticon,

Synopsis: [Archivist] An idea that developed from FED2K rpg, this thread had posters battle it out over Fed2k itself. Spawned a sequel of sorts, Fed2k Battlegames!

Author's comment: [King Sard] The FED2K warlords was the greatest success of my FED2K themed fics. It was co written with Dustie and reached a length of 15 pages before it fell apart. I can?t really remember how I came up with the idea behind it, but it must have been a moment of genius. It was during this fic I adopted the name

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House Feud Franchise

Threads: House Feud, House Feud 2, House Feud III

Author/s: Inoculator9, Ghosthunter

Started: 2nd November 2002

Last Post: 14th May 2006

Total Runtime: 1288 days

Total posts: 490

Total Participants: 12

Synopsis: [Archivist] Two of the most violent threads in the board, and another one. The first thread is still remembered fondly.

Title: House Feud

Author: Inoculator9

Started: 2nd November 2002

Last post: 1st December 2002

Runtime: 30 days

Posts: 405 (14 pages)

Average posts per day: 13.5

Participants: 9: Inoculator9, Devil's Advocate, Dunenewt, {cc42}Gold3agle, TMA-1, Dust Scout, Anathema, Ghosthunter, Andrew,

Synopsis: [Archivist] A house-based war thread, short lived but action packed.

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Locked

Title: House Feud 2

Author: Inoculator9

Started: 24th March 2004

Last post: 28th April 2004

Runtime: 35 days

Posts: 64 (3 pages)

Average posts per day: 1.83

Participants: 7: Inoculator9, Good Ol' AK, King Sard, Dunenewt, Ghosthunter, Devil's Advocate, Dust Scout

Synopsis: [Archivist] The sequel, running in much the same vein. Began after a false start in the form of a different thread (House Feud 2).

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Inactive

Title: House Feud III

Author: Ghosthunter

Started: 29th April 2006

Last post: 14th May 2006

Runtime: 16 days

Posts: 21

Average posts per day: 1.3

Participants: 5: Ghosthunter, Dust Scout, Clemenza, GriMFandagO, Dunenewt

Synopsis: [Archivist] A short-lived attempt at another incarnation.

Author's comment: Author has not commented.

Current status: Inactive

Kanly Franchise

Threads: Kanly, Kanly: Revisted, Kanly Discussion, Kanly III: Fatality

Author/s: Lord_Johnsonius

Started: 17th October 2002

Last Post: 24th July 2005

Total Runtime: 1009 days

Total posts: 426

Total Participants: 18

Synopsis: [Archivist] A series of combat-focused threads, unique in design.

Title: Kanly

Author: Lord_Johnsonius

Started: 17th October 2002

Last post: 12th December 2002

Runtime: 56 days

Posts: 172 (6 pages)

Average posts per day: 3.07

Participants: 11: Lord_Johnsonius, Twin-Head, ethan, Drop_Zone, Edric O, Rene Smeitink, Anathema, Acriku-, King Sard, Salvatore, Dunenewt

Synopsis: [Archivist] A thread purely for combat in an Arena.


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The Backstory

The concept of a Fanfiction archive has been toyed with for some time, and was first official proposed by Clemenza in the thread Memorable Fanfic Threads. The initial list that was compiled in response to the suggestion was then posted, and can be found here: Memorable Fanfic Threads - The LIST!. This list was both scrappy and arbitrary, having been put together with the intention of later editing and modification, as well as input from the creators and posters. This archive is to serve as a replacement.

The archive is not complete, and will never be complete as long as Fanfiction is active. It will be added to, in time.

Threads are archived in alphabetical order, with franchises (threads with one or more sequels) being placed together by their group title, even if they are not alphabetically consecutive. Each are also displayed with a set of statistics, such as number of posts and participants. These will be described in further detail below.

The criteria.

Again, the archivist wishes to emphasise that the statistics given with the threads are not criteria to judge them by, but simply statistics to facilitate comparison between threads. These are given below.

Title: Self-explanatory.

Author: The person who started the thread. Note that this may not be the person who first came up with the concept, and that insome cases authorship of a thread is shared. Only one person can begin a thread, however.

Started: Date of the first post.

Last post: Date of the last post.

Runtime: Number of days the fanfic lasted. Note that some fics may have had long periods of inactivity before being restarted, these periods are not taken into account, and some threads may appear longer for that.

Posts: Number of posts in the thread.

Average posts per day: Number of posts deivided by number of days give a rough approximation of the activity of a thread. The higher the number, the more active it was.

Participants: Number of people who took part in the thread. 'Taking part' is defined as posting in character three or more times.

Synopsis: A brief outline of the thread's purpose, history, or details. Where possible, this is given by the thread's author. In some cases, however, the archivist fills this role.

Author's comment: The person listed as the author may choose to add their own comment about the fic. In those fics where the author has not commented, it may be for different reasons. They may not have time, they may be unreachable, or they may just not care.

Current status: Status of the thread at time of posting, being Locked, Inactive, defined as not locked but not active, or Ongoing.

Notes: Author and participant names are defined as those that are present at time of posting the archive entry. They may have been different at the time.

Final note: Though I've done my best to make this thread as accurate as possible, I am only human, and I am sure that there are errors to iron out. I ask that any incorrect links or inaccurate descriptions, or any mistakes at all, be brought to my attention so that I can correct them. This archive took a lot of work, I'd appreciate it if my inevitable mistakes could be forgiven. Also, I will be updating the archive on a regular basis, as long as people participate. Also, it sounds more official if I refer to myself in the third person. Any suggestions as to how to make the layout of the archive more aesthetically pleasing would be welcomed.

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