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Inspiron 2650 Laptop - Video Issues


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I have a Dell Inpiron Laptop, with a Windows 98 SE installation, specifically to play older games.

Most go on without issue, save for a bit of tweaking with programs such as Dosbox, Glidos, Etc.

Where I run into an issue with Dune 2000 is with video.

The laptop uses a Nvidia GeForce2Go card, that coupled with the laptop's LCD means that anything outside of 1024X768 looks like junk.  Streaking lines through the video and such

With the strething capablitities in program such as DosBox, this is not an issue for the Dos games, but Dune 2000 causes problems.

If I turn the native laptop video stretching mode off, it will place Dune 2000 in a "window" (not really a window, but it boxes it...similar to wide screen video on a standard TV) and it runs and looks fine.  But obviously, I'm gunning for full screen here.

The game has no install issues, and runs great on the machine, even in full screen, but the jagged lines are unsightly and just annoying.

Am I shooting for the moon here, or is there a way to get Dune 2000 to properly stretch out to 1024x768 on an LCD???  Maybe a third party tool I don't know about?  I've been searching and trying things for weeks, and can't nail it down...any suggestions, or should I just live with the "window"

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