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Help with textures


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I would like to know in which paste does Mapeditor get the vertical wall textures, so I can change and add new ones.

There are vertical textures that dont correspond in the viewer window and when you play in the game. The walls are different! For example if I choose a wall type Arricecliff in the viewer it shows ok but in the game it changes to something else... But the texture is right in the textures paste (When I open it with Photoshop) and even in the mapeditor profile window... Whats wrong?!  >:(

Can someone help me with this?


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Well, i think I got it... the Emperor file 3ddata0001 has the file orarrakisicecliff but it is different from the same file in the mapeditor textures folder, so there are different images of the cliffs in the game and in the mapeditor viewer.

But strange is how a map called Arged Desert has the right texture that I want!

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If you like you could copy the texture from the Map Editor and move it to the Data/3ddata/textures/ folder in your Emperor directory.  If the folder is not there already (no reason to be unless you've been modding), just create it.  Moving texture files there will override those in the .rfd archives.  Of course, then your maps would appear unique on your computer, everyone else using the original texture; however, I'm guessing in this that that won't be -too- great an issue.


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