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CMP files?


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So what progress has come of this mysterious file format as of late?  I've done a search for topics on this but it seems there hasn't been anything new on this recently, so I'm posting this now.

It must be possible to extract these files with acceptable quality!  It's been done with this Yuri's Revenge mod called devastation.  I've tried e-mailing the author about the voices he extracted from emperor for use with this flamethrower he added, but he said he didn't remember what he did exactly.  He did mention goldwave, bagtool, and such, but I haven't been able to accomplish anything that comes to the quality he got them...see for yourself!

The closest thing I could find was ADPCM 4 bit, mono, under VOX in goldwave, but there's so much static.  The ones attached...no static at all!  How could he have accomplished this?

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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