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Oddities that I've learned to fix in XP


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In case this helps anyone else I figured I'll post it here. As you may have seen in my previous thread, setting up and updating Windows Media Player cured my issue under XP. See http://www.dune2k.com/forum/index.php?topic=17405.0 for the grisly effort. Anyway, while helping a friend of mine with getting it installed I found another issue, as well as a fix for it.


When running the installer, fixed or not, the option to install the shared internet components is missing. Also, install may be unnaturally quick, and the installed files do not run properly. Even after copying over files missing from the install and applying the 109 patch, and even using the no cd method, the game hangs while launching, usually without making it so far as the first screen.


In this case my friend's CD drive was using the letter Z:, due to an odd install order and rampant usb storage devices, or maybe he's just crazy, I don't know. I used the computer manager, which is in Administrative Tools as Computer Management, to change the drive letter for it to E:. I still had to use the fixed install, but other than that everything has operated perfectly. Why did this work? Wish I could tell you.


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