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Startup Issues, Out of ideas


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Well, I apologize since this is about the 10,000 post i've seen on the issue but I cannot get Emperor to start up.

I start it up, screen goes black, goes back to windows.

I have tried the following:

Many Reinstalls

EMPENGINSTFIX10.zip procedure

Disabling Hyperthreading

Removing Norton Antivirus

Trying to run the game with different discs


Not sure what else to do. So here is my DxDiag: http://www.geocities.com/darkerlotus/DxDiag.txt

Please, any help would be great.


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Shame emperor doesnt create a log as it runs, telling why it dies so often  ???

AS for it being the 10,000th post, I think you are exagerating, its more like 8,579 at the moment  ;)

Sounds like the perfect scenario for the EMPENGINSTFIX10 file. Did you follow the instructions word for word ? Copy the files to your HD from CD etc... ? Sorry to ask again even though you have done it, but its what I thought would have solved it.

Also, a lot of your motherboard drivers seem to be from 2001, can you get those updated ? Things like that have helped others in  the past.

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I attempted to update the driver. As far as I know, there was only the one file, and it updated fine. However, after completly wiping Emperor from my system and reinstalling using EMPENGIN... it still didnt work. I tried playing it from multiple disks and from multiple locations (desktop, start menu, autoplay, Emperor.exe in the folder) all with the same problem.

Thank you for trying.

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