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Fishbone Battlezone 2 dune mod demo released


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hey, thanks for posting that here.

I forgot to pimp my mod on this board :)

Anyways, things are going along quite a ways. The demo gives away part of the feel, it is mainly a technical demo where you can see what type of game DuneCommand is going to be. I am now working on enhancing the gameplay (fun). This means tweaking some things, then testing it. And since it is a multiplayer game, I have to have testers that are ready to come online with me. My test cycle takes one week, I test every tuesday night, and then use the time until monday to fix problems we found (or improve eyecandy) until I think the difficulty and frustration levels are exactly where I want them to be.

If you like the Westwood RTS games, you will like DuneCommand. It is a FPSRTS but the RTS aspect is more pronounced than the FPS side of the game. Hey, you can see a sandworm up close, even get eaten by it ;)

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