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Video problem


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On my laptop i can run this game perfectly. No problems. But when i use my TFT screen (extern) as primary monitor (so it disables the one on my laptop) and i run the game on 640x480 mode, it will look very odd (see attachement).

I have to run it with the -g option. Since runnign it on default mode (640x400) will make my monitor think that it is 640x350. I think its a driver problem there, but afaik all other stuff works okay. I have to make a test program to test if its really a driver problem or not.

Anyone else had this problem?

I tried these flags:



i tried also:

Windows compatibility 95/98/ME

640x480 mode on (in windows)

No luck so far.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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I figured i needed to install a seperated driver for the tft screen. It now looks fine.

Another problem arised though:

I have upgraded to v1.06, but it still says "Upgrade needed" when i go to internet mode. When i click  yes, it downloads it fine, but then it quits and does nothing! :S

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Ur saying that the screen is off set? That your side meny is a bit offscreen or that the top menus is offscreen? Because this is the problem I have.

If this is the problem you had and you have a fix for it, let me know. Also, I don't understand the attachments in posts here, I cant open or download them, or see them for that matter?

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