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I have done some troubles to play online. I receive msg as "it is impossoble to connect westwood online, check your ISP". My ISP is OK, I can download patches and updates to play online, but I can not connect to play. Has the westwood server changed?? How I can point my Dune2000 to play online?? Thank you!

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there is solution but you cant have installed tiberin siun but get keygen for it .

get from somewhere tiberian sun keygen  . in c:westwooddune2000 clone dune2000.exe and name it game.exe , clone catalog internet in c:westwoodinternet to c:westwooddune2000internet , now run this keygen and start game, and you can play online

this helps alot because i tested this method to repair own dune2000 and its 100% working.  there is no any illegal thing so all is 100% safe/

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maybe its your hosts file that still have the old westwood online adress. Chech the hosts file!

1) Start > Run > type notepad and press enter

2) open the file (make sure you have it look for all files, not just txt files, the file in question actually has no suffix), located at c:Windowssystem32driversetchosts

Windows XP: C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts

Windows 2k: C:WinNTsystem32driversetchosts

and WinME: C:windowshosts 

3) now you have opened the file in notepad, the last line must be localhost)


4) If there is a line like  irc.westwood.com  delete this line and save the file and run dune 2000, things should now be working ok.

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Hi to all..  ;D

I have this problem too..

For AMIgaBot

I have followed your councils but still he does not work. which key for tiberian I must use?  one key or a crack?

For muis2004

In the File:

"Windows XP: --->    C:Windowssystem32driversetchosts"

I have only ' localhost' but it does not work, what I must make?

Tanks a lot!!!  :P

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I Have connect to the westwood room with dune2k..

My modality is win 2k compatibility..  but I have the crash of system of dune2k (dune2000.dat error...)

what is this error?

Ihave select win 95 compatibility and the dune2k on-line is stable.. but my screen is split..

I have winxp sp1, asus v7100 display card and lcd screen..


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