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Turret mod question


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Ok im working on turrets that uses beams instead of projectiles, and im wanderinf if its possible to make one steady beam instead of lasers?

Also, how would i change the colors of these beams/lasers...

making different lasers for different units.

Like the blue ones for the laser tank.

the red one for the defence, most likely on a gas turret.

and a green beam for infrantry...trying to decided which unit to put it on...

Oh.. and im also wandering if its possible to fire two weapons at once?

What im trying to do is making a tank that will fire different color beams for a cool graphic effect:)

Plus, i think when lasers are use as anti air they look koo too..

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Dual firing weapons is only possible for those units so designed in xbf:

Kobra, Mortar, Kindjal, IMADVSardaukar, Devestator (I think thats the lot).

I once had a Kindjal that fired his pistol and then immediatelly fired his kindjal weapon - I had forgotten to include the "TurretDisableIfUnitUndeployed = TRUE" and "TurretDisableIfUnitDeployed = TRUE" lines in the two turret definitions.

As for a tank firing two lasers - not possible unless you edit the xbf to include a dual firing mode sfx header from one of the above units, and the likehood is that the merged xbf will then not work and crash EBFD.

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