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space travel and Franks other books


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Before Holtzman founded his unified theories they did have suspensor technology and other stuff but just didnt understand how it worked exactly. Does that mean the same for foldspace engines? and could they have made navigation machines before the jihad? Personally I think they were a more advanced people before the jihad then after. and before foldspace engines didnt they use light speed travel? wiht hybernation tanks to go to and fro.

Also if you read Franks other books they mention axolotl tanks and plaz armor, also they talk about plasteel and stuff. The talk of chair dogs also. Could it be that the destination: void series took place in the dune universe in the time of about 3000 A.D. our time? I htink that it was in the same universe. just way back during the time of travel between planets. Houses werent called houses back then. you hear they were like house ceres. but again you can take for example they call america House washignton and isreal House abraham. anybody agree wtih me? just an idea:)

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Its possible they take place in the same universe, but it is also possible that they are merely allusions Herbert threw in there for his fans.  Like when you're watching a Sean Connery movie and they start talking about James Bond.

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