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Cost of win - if you know russian


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I will translate it for you:

courtesy of wordlingo translator.

Price of the victory

Emperor Kvizatts Korino silently went along the enormous columns

of imperial sardaukarov. Suddenly he stopped and turned himself to the soldiers:

- three great houses again battle for the control of the delivery of

spice on Arrakis.

- once my distant ancestor gave to them right to

this. Possibly, then this was the reasonable solution, but not now... Therefore, you had to destroy that conquered in this war. Emperor became silent: it seemed it, that it saw some motion in the force. Through the instant it was attacked sardaukar, which was here shot down by rest.

Kvizatts was inclined above the body:

- this is not ghola. Seems it was brought traitor, - he glanced by view entire force. - moreover, at the most inappropriate moment...


- force is one, attack technology! Acidic infantry, begin from the left flank! - Li'Teil ran through the battlefield. Already the second week went on war. Already the second week he was not house, on sigma To drakonise OF THE IV. After throwing view on the enemy, commander ran up to the nearest infantryman OF PVO - AIR DEFENSE Of


- give to me your weapon! - it gave an order. Soldier silently obeyed order.

Li'Teil threw up Bazooka on the arm and, after directing toward the enemy infantry, it harvested to the trigger mechanism. Leaving after itself track from the white smoke, rocket was pulled out from the weapon and flew to the purpose. Through several seconds was heard powerful explosion. Bodies and their torn parts took off into air and dispersed to the

sides, after leaving bloody cloud. The remaining themselves troops threw into the flight. The force Of li'Teyla took the most important strategic point and

preponderance now was in the house Of ordos. This indicated even and that, which commanding could fly home.


Li'Teil stood in the center of base and silently looked at the

horizon. Far it saw troops Of atridesov, it is slow, but decisively being approached its base - last base Ordosov. Li'Teil was last experienced commander: all previous were destroyed to it. Something prompted to commander, that today everything will be finished, but he did not know into whose benefit. Troops approached a zone of action of guns. Now everything will begin, last battle will begin, will arrive end to the war!..

To Li'Teilu ran up the soldier OF PVO - AIR DEFENSE:

- commanding, troops Of atridesov it is close. What will be your orders?

- you will protect base... By any price...

Troops entered into the zone of action of the gas guns Of ordosov. Hundreds of canisters took off into air and collapsed to the earth. Thousands of soldiers yelled and zamolkli... Forever... Sliding towers and blue rays were activated, as if spear, they pierced the night dark. Air was filled by the cries of people, by explosions, by the smells of gas and death... Infantry Of atridesa in panic,

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