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Corrupt text in all buttons


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Hi , you all, after playing some BFME games I did play tonight a few games just to feel how this best game ever feels again.

But there is something strange going on.

See the attachment.

plz help.

[attachment archived by Gobalopper]

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Lol, I can read you swearing, its like those eBay auctions where people put in naked reflections of themsleves in things they sell, hehe.



These two had same problem. Still have not completely worked out what does it.

Second one seems to have solved it. Top one still unknown (but he still plays). That'll teach you to abandon EBFD ! hehe.

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Thx mate I am now dl the old drivers. It seems that it happened during drivers updates.

I had a some issues were i was not satisfied with so I upgraded all drivers on my machine.

So I go now 1 step back and will c what will happened.

CYA online when I am finished

That topic were you refere to is identical to my problems. Wierd triangles during the game and so on.

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Please please post back if it does work for you, so we can confirm that that is exactly what causes it. It helps others when you do. Oh and while you were away, I was prakticing, now I am betterer. Now I will whoop you to kingdom come. Mwahahah.

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