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Crash and Burn


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Hey there folks I need some help with emperor battle for dune.I have been playing for sometime now but recently I have started having problems with the game freezing and locking then crashing to my desktop a pop up would indicate that my autorun has encounter a problem and needed to shut down.This problem progressively got worse,now it shows a pop up stating that the cd rom can't be found I tryed uninstalling the game which has put me in a worse situation ,now the pop up say it can't find the cd rom which now prevents me from even re-installing the game can anyone help me out with this . 

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Hi. This doesnt sound like a problem with Emperor, but more to do with your hardware, probably your CD/DVD Drive.

Do you have any problems Playing other CDs in that drive ? Can you use it normally ?

What operating system do you use ? Can you give as much detail as you can about your computer, please ?

Maybe attach one of those direct X reports as well. (Start button, Run, "dxdiag", Save info. Then attach it here.)

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