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NaNoWriMo2004 - Working Title: The Great Void War


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Title: The Great Void War


To my parents who gave me life, and taught me ethics far better than any class on it could. To my Grandmother, who loves me, and believes in not allowing differences to divide a religion. To my cousins, who recently became engaged, may your lives be happier than this novel. To Buddy, the pug, for giving me weird inspiration as his fat belly drags the ground while he chases his tail. To my Baptist church, for giving me the inspiration to plot a feasible end to Christianity. To Lisa, Jen, Rene, and Jessie who will make me finish this. And finally to Asra Q. Nomani, who

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Prologue: In the Beginning

"The only dependable thing about the future is uncertainty."

Salamander, Final Fantasy IX.

In the beginning, the world was Void, and without form. That was how it should have stayed; Void, and without form. Yet, as events would have it, that would not stay the same.

God, decided to make the Heavens and the Earth. Stars took form, an uncountable number splattering across the universe in a dazzling array of color. Yet nearly as fast as this Creation took form, so did the black holes, the dark matter, and the anti-matter. It was as if a force of unlimited power had begun to unmake Creation itself.

God created habitable worlds, and the other force destroyed them in carnage unrivalled by any other force that could ever exist in the future of this fragile new universe. It was amazing to behold the cosmic struggle that stretched across infinity.

For every race destroyed by the other force, God created ten more. Eventually the other force quieted down, and seemed to cease existing. God saw this, and was pleased that his Creation was secure.

He created minor Gods and Goddesses to act on his behalf towards the different races across the worlds. Yet, they became corrupt and drunk with their own power, believing themselves to be greater than He who gave them life. It was amazing to behold the power of these Gods and Goddesses, at least for a mortal being, but God trembled in anger and rage.

He created a new race, one to serve him. He called them Builders, for they were those who built the universe

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