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Dune2000 Technical problems


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Having problems with Dune 2000 LAN... both computers are running windows xp, the ipx deal is on.. and both computers are sharing files and internet with no problems. if i try to join a game that the other computer created it lets me in but i do not see the other person in the lobby. the firewall for my internet which is direcway threw directv.. is diabled. ive read threwout this tech support pages and i have only seen stuff about the firewall, ipx, and sharing files wit other computer things .. as answers to resolve the problem. i have all three of those things in working order. like they are supposed to be.. If ANYONE has any other ideas.. or can help in any way.. please post a message here or even better plz email me at joshuat@direcway.comĀ  you can also reach me on aol at silver02camaro and on yahoo at silver02camaro .. i really would like to play this game via lan hopfully someone can help me out .. plz do if u can!!!!! thanks in advance. --Josh--

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