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Whirring black movie

Imperial Sardaukar

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Almost every movie I see, my computer goes black, the cd drive starts making whirring with intervals, like "Whirr... Whirr... Whirr" and the movie wont load, I take out the CD, it says "CANNOT LOAD MOVIE" then it jumps to the next thing, and so one with almost every movie in the game, although it might not sound like a big deal, the movies are a huge part of the fun of the game. What could be the problem?

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do you have orginal CD,? are you sure is not rewritted (pirated software) if yes, get orginal, on pirated software, u fly not for long, but if you have orginal,i recommend to copy missions to had drice ex, c:missions also films to other drive if you have on it space, next goto c:westwooddune2000resource.cfg open with notepad and put here what is in file, i may help some

what mean?

find in resource.cfg line with E:misions or something, if you have copied missions, to C to folder missions,  change letter and crack game,  but find liine about films, and change leter from E to example D, if you copied films to drive D, of course i fyo had second disc :. i just suggest what you shall do , but im not sure that fix problem, also third thing , do you got damaged CD? try clean up it, CD-rom drive maybe too, but if problem is still, try check on friend pc , if they work on friend's pc, you have hardware problem,i haved same problem , i reinstalled windows XP to windows98 gold, and  i can watch films non stop.  only i suggest what you shall do, u not must ,

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