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Alia Atreides

Dune RPG

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It is the year 10,214. Arrakis is now the center of the Known Universe, as the Atreides had become the absolute rulers of humanity.

Five years after Muad'Dib left into the desert, his children are begining to feel the burden of his legacy-one which Alia holds dear.

Available Characters:

Muad'Dib - The Preacher

Leto II

Jessica Atreides


Gurney Halleck


Wensica Corrino

Farad'n Corrino

Harah - Nurse to the Twins...Chani's Closest Friend

Dune Odyssey started out with our love of Frank Herbert's vision of Dune and in wanting to bring it to life. We are not just a RPG we also are a book discussion and creative writing community as well.

We welcome both Regular Members and those that want to explore the RP forum. So come check us out we promise it will be worth the visit. :)

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