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Saving chani of the smuglers


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:- What sup i need hlep, cuz i don't know how i can kill the leader of the smuglers, obviuosly i can't use the laser, i neeed help, and i can't find a guide or some intruccions to defeat him...

  please i need help, i'm in a hurry

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From the FAQ:

The Smuggler's Camp: This is the longest (and most challenging/most irritating)
mission in the game. From where you start follow the cliff left and spy through
the cave opening. You will see two guards, neutralize the one on the right,
then switch to the projectile pistol and kill the other guard with 5 shots. Do
not allow any of the guards on this mission to get away, they will activate an
alarm that will sound through most of the mission and will drive you nuts. Turn
right and enter the circular enclosure where there is a radar station, approach
it and press enter twice to deactivate the 1st of 6 stations. Exit the
enclosure and bear right, pass into a tunnel and follow it to a large open area
with two guards patrolling on the ground and 3 patrolling on the ledge above
them. You must carefully time your moves to avoid being spotted by any of these
guards, your objective is to get to the next tunnel on the right wall without
being spotted, if you are you have got to deal with the guards quickly before
they activate an alarm. It takes 5 projectile and 10 laser shots to kill the
guards on this mission, so it is best to move undetected in this situation.
Once you are through the doorway, follow the next tunnel to another clearing,
there is a bunker here with a guard patrolling in and around it neutralize him
and then enter the radar station area across from the bunker and deactivate the
2nd of 6 stations. Exit the enclosure and bear right, pass through the tunnel
to a stack of crates. If you moved undetected you will spot 1-2 guards around
the bridge behind the crates, time your attack well and you can take one or
both out with your knife. If you were spotted at any point this area will have
5 guards in it and you must overcome them strictly with gunfire. Afterward
cross the bridge and deactivate the 3rd of 6 radar stations. To its right is
the next tunnel you must follow until you arrive at a garage. Head left through
the door (Note: There is a special raised walkway you can access from this room
that acts as a short cut through this section, but the chance of being spotted
using it is too great for me to recommend it here). Follow the hall and you
will arrive at the raised ledge you spotted earlier, if you were undetected,
there will be 3-4 guards in this area you can take out with a combination of
neutralization and gunfire. Turn left and you will find some laser ammo then
bear to the right from where you entered the ledge and you will find the 4th of
6 radar stations, deactivate it. Turn around and go right, turn the next corner
and you will see yet another tunnel, follow it to a small cavern with a door to
the left, go through. There is a junction here with a long ramp down, check
carefully by adjusting your perspective and you will see a patrol, time it
right and you can neutralize him. Head down the ramp and turn the corner, you
will spot another guard to take out, behind him is a bunker with some laser
ammo, pick that up and go back up the ramp, turn right and follow the path
around to another bridge and some crates. There is a patrol here to be
neutralized. Cross the bridge and bear right, you will come to a room with a
hole in the ground, press against it and you will drop down into the second
half of the mission, this is an in-mission saving point. When you load you will
see a guard you can quickly neutralize. Head straight to the opposite wall and
closely follow it to the left, you will see a small square ledge you can climb
up on. This marks the beginning of a series of ledges you must pull yourself up
onto until you reach a cave filled with cargo. There is a patrol at the mouth
of the cave that can be neutralized if you are lucky. Proceed through the small
maze of cargo and you will see a ramp with a guard on it who must be shot.
Cross the ramp and go through the door on your left, follow the tunnel to a
clearing and bear left into a new tunnel, bear right and you will eventually
find an exit to your left that leads to a thopter pad. Go to the left of the
boxes in front of you and head down a short ramp, you will see a stone pillar,
rush and hide behind it. Eventually a guard will patrol near you, neutralize
him. Head straight from the pillar toward a long tent in the back left corner
of the thopter area. In the center of this tent on the ground are some
explosives, pick them up and head across to the thopter pad. Conceal yourself
beside the ledge and wait, a patrol will walk by the front of the pad,
neutralize him then head up the pad and shoot the guard beside the thopter,
nearby him you will find a distiller, heal then pick it up. Head down the
thopter ramp and across to the radar station enclosure, deactivate the 5th of 6
stations. Exit and turn left. The tent you are approaching contains projectile
ammo, go inside, get the ammo and return to the door from which you entered the
thopter area. Bear right for a while and you come to a massive camp. There are
currently three guards here to be neutralized. The first comes walking by soon
after you enter this board, wait a while and then sneak up and take him out
when he walks by. Another guard proceeds down from a winding ramp on your left,
hide behind the crates nearby and wait for him to come down the ramp, you will
get a chance to take him out then. If he doesn't come down from the ramp,
simply shoot him from the ground. After this head up the ramp and you will find
the 6th of 6 radar stations, deactivate it. To the left of this station is some
laser ammo, grab it then exit the ramp. Straight ahead is a guard by a ramp
leading to a large storage area filled with boxes. He looks to his left, then
front, then right every few seconds, time it right and you can sneak up on him
and take him out. Turn right from where you killed that guy and you will see a
large tent (the size of two tents) in the middle of the camp. Enter it and you
will see a distiller to pick up if you need it (conserve it if you don't). To
the left of it is a display, write down the code it shows. Head back to where
the last guard was standing and go up the ramp to the cargo area, in the back
right you will see some boxes in front of a ledge, climb up them and enter the
cliff. Follow the path to a hole in the left wall that activates a cut scene
with Chani when you approach. Afterward, head right and drop off the ledge
above the great door in the cliff. Across from you are red crates, approach
them and press enter twice. QUICKLY run back to the big tent and hide inside. A
cut scene will show the boxes exploding and the leader of the smugglers,
Dissid, sending troops to investigate. 5 soldiers enter the camp from the great
door. Stay where you are inside the big tent and wait, keep changing your
perspective to look around outside. Eventually a guard will approach to the
right of the entrance to the tent. He will turn his back on you giving you a
chance to neutralize him. Then hide again. Watch carefully. A few moments later
another guard will approach the same way, neutralize him too. Exit the tent and
head toward the area of the explosion, two guards there must be shot to death.
Now enter the great door in the cliff that just opened. Follow the path to a
second camp. Enter the tent in front of you to pickup some laser ammo. Exit the
tent. Now head for the tent farthest from you as you exit, inside is a
distiller. Exit this tent. Across from you is a stone staircase, head for it
and follow the tunnel beyond it to a room will many pillars. Go to both the far
left and far right corners of the room to pick up another distiller and some
projectile ammo (save the distiller if you have enough water because you will
need it later). LASTLY heal up and walk up the stairs to the closed door, this
triggers a cut scene with Dissid. When the cut scene ends you will immediately
come under fire, head to the right of the staircase and hide behind a pillar.
Change you perspective with the mouse to watch Dissid, he will approach from
around the corner looking for you. You must time this carefully to jump out and
attack him with your blade. One strategy is to wait for him to get very close
then circle around a pillar and come up behind him. You must stab him once with
your blade causing his shield to shimmer. DO NOT fire your laser gun at him, it
will cause an explosion. After you stab him once (which may take several tries
until the shield shimmers) his shield is down and he runs away looking for
cover. You have two ways to finish him off now. Peek around corners and target
him with your projectile weapon, or chase him until he hides behind a pillar,
then cross to the other side of the room and target him from the side, he just
sits there and you can pick him off. It will take 10-20 projectile shots to
kill him depending on how lucky a shot you are. The game has a very high chance
of crashing during this battle, you may have to try this several times. Once he
is dead he drops his weapon and a pass card, pick up both and head up the
steps. Use the card to open the door and head down the hall to Chani's prison,
there will be a brief cut scene about the need for a code. First heal and then
pickup the distiller and the armour piercing pistol. This new weapon takes only
3 shots to kill the guards on this mission. Now use the code you found in the
main tent on the control panel (buttons numbered from left to right 1,2,3,4)
top row 4, top row 4, top row 1, bottom row 4, bottom row 4. Her cell opens and
in a cut scene she explains you must guard her escape from the camp. DO NOT
simply follow her, try to lead her and target any enemies you come across.
There will be 2-3 guards in the second camp, use your best weapons and take
them out fast. Then head to the main camp where there are about 5 more to take
out. Bear to the left and head for the exit, clearing the way for Chani. If she
comes under fire she will drop to her knees and put her hands to her face, do
your best to kill the people targeting her first. When she gets out of the main
camp you only have to go a short distance before a cut scene activates,
reuniting you with Kalhou.

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