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21 Years Later


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Author's Note:  Just a short one shot piece.

"How does mommy know you," asked the little girl.

The greying American winced a bit, when his friend had offered the home of she and her husband's family for him to recuperate in peace, he didn't expect to be drudging up old memories," A long time before you were born, some bad men attacked America...I met your mother that day, while we awaited notice of our families' fates."

"Were they okay," asked the little girl, not really old enough to understand.

"No," said the greying man," Neither of our families survived.  Both of us became consumed in a way, your mother with rage at Islam, and I with rage we didn't manage to prevent it."

"But mommy's Muslim," protested the girl.

"Now she is," replied the man nodding," We both went through a lot.  Eventually your father and mother met, and she converted, realizing a few bad men weren't all that Islam was.  And I, I became a diplomat."

"Why were you hurt today," asked the little girl, still obviously so naive.

"It's been twenty-one years," said the man with a sad smile," but there are still bad men out there.  This isn't the first time I've been shot, so don't worry about an older man like me.  Go out and enjoy life."

So the little girl went outisde and played.

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