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Install Fix failing PLEASE HELP


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I installed emperor under xp. after clicking the desktop icon to run the game the logo appears and then i get thrown back onto desktop. i uninstalled norton anti-virus and now i see ' Dune' along the start bar but then the program has to end.

I tried using the Install Fix ( http://www.dune2k.com/?page=files-emperor&show=patches)

when i try install using the new 'SETUP.EXE' the game stops installing at 0% and says 'could not read from Game1.cab'


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;D    yay i fixed the problem. it wasn't norton - related.

I downloaded certain security modules in service pack 1 for windows (although not the SP1a as i already had it) and now it works just fine.

Great game (although not as good as generals or Earth 2150 but they are elite so meh  :P)

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