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Help: Dune Emperor


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This have probably been answered a thousands of time. But, once I've installed the game, it refuses to "run". I click on the EBOD icon, a screen is shown, and nothing happens.

I have the ORIGINAL Emperor Battle for Dune version, 3 CD's (for each houses) and 1 installation CD.

My computer is:

Pentium 4 - 1.4 Ghz

80 Gigabytes space

256 MB RAMbus

Geforce FX 5200

Plus the latest graphics updates and the 1.9 patch for Emperor.

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This should be in the technical support forum....

I had the same problem. If you have WinXP, try to install the service Pack 1a.

Or maybe this problem is caused by Norton or Nero, if you have one (or both) of them installed.

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