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CWC error in dune2000


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grr. i bought new cd dune2000 and installed game, tried to connect to WOL,dune asked me to create name and got

"cant find registry program"            and i stuck..

registry program is in c:/westwood/internet/register.exe i checked it .and he working.  tried to connect with my example name {ASItrike} and get error

CWC GetHelpURL error [Ggame Ticks=0] 

WTF. i just reinstalled windows, and cant play online. i tried evrything, to fix prob ( reinstall system again, and reinstall game) game is orginal, is bought from www.ebay.com  maybe WESTWOOD is dead... some people said me westwood in end of april be closed completily... and be impossible to play in WOL. we have ideas to play dune2000 without WOL? <on other server> i know one other but is in other language than we using :( :(

i have comp temorairy (for 2 weeks)

windows 98 FE PL.

HDD 40gb

RAM 128mb

DirectX 8.0

motherboard AGRB

grapchics    Gefore 2 mmx 64mb

monitor 17cells "daytek"

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