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Help!!Ordos fighting atriedes on caladan


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Im playing as house Ordos and i just beat the Atriedes at thier capitol and now i have to defeat them on their homeworld,but its realy hard can anyone help me or refer me to a strategy guide website that could help me.im new to this message board so i dont know my way around yet.

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you just choose the wrong house to fight

keep building kobra units and pop up turets , AA trooper, mortar and chemical trop use the ix infiltrator to find the atredies palace build 5 of them to destroy the palace, and build your own palce to use chaos lighting on minotauruses and build deviators

P.S.A direct assault would be suicide unless you have 30 kobras 20 mortars and 15 chem trooper and 10 laser tanksĀ 

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