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Angelic Timeline


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This is just for fun, a little thing I am coming up with. It is not nearly finished and I expect this timeline and explanation of Angels to be a few pages in length. It is for a background for a story I am writing. I have learned that it is much easier to write a story when you come up with a complete history around it. Like Tolkien Did with the LOTR trilogy and his other books. well hre it is, a lot of it is fictional, and interpritive, not to be intended to be canon obviously. It is NOT finished yet, only a bit. Tell me what you think.


A study of The Stars:

List of the 7 clans:

The GUardians: rulers of nature and all living things. Great protectors of renown. Known for their love of all lifeforms,

and their great curiosity

The Destroyers: Masters of death, and warriors held in great fame. The most powerful (and often most sinister) of all

living things.

The Watchers: The great learners and teachers of the histories of the universe. Also seen as the most knowledgable of "The

Lore of The Stars".

The Lovers: Great poets and singers of the universe. They represent the embodiment of merriment of The Stars. Masters of


The Holy Ones: The wise saints of The Stars, and followers of the doings of The Being. The Great Fellowship of the abode.

The Wonderers: Travelers of the Cosmos and guides to the farthest reaches of all inhabited universes. Great in speed and

understanding of the workings of the void.

The Builders: Constructors of things mortal. The great craftspeople of the living and enanimate. They are the great builders

of the "Cities of The Stars".


The Great Beginning:


The Being sets The Stars in the physical realm.

The first "Tribunal of The Abode": The 7 clans are formed and Lucifer is ordained leader of all The Stars. "The Guardians"

are chosen to be the leaders of The Stars.

"The Great Journey": The Stars inhabit the universe and flurish. within a single Light-Span, The Stars have claimed thousands

of planetary bodies.

"Lists of Life": "The Guardians" and "The Wanderers" unite in friendship to find and list all life contained within inhabited

space. Special Guardians are selected to watch over every planetary body.

The Second "Tribunal of The Abode": Lucifer is reordained leader of The Stars, and gains great popularity among all clans. A

petition is set for The Stars to enhabit "Second Space". A realm outside that of the physical. The Being places specific

blessings on the 7 tribes.

"Battle of Whiteland": A great battle is waged between the insentient Void Drifters and The Stars. Their Origin is found at

Betelguise, where the entire race of creatures is illiminated by the ordination of The Being.

"The Elevation of Sun-Star": Sun-Star of the clan of "The Holy Ones" is favored by The Being, and is placed in the honored

position of The Proclaimer.

The Third "Tribunal of The Abode": Again, Lucifer is reordained leader of The Stars. The inhabitation of Second Space is

allowed to grow. The Being also allows the first "Councel of Knowledge". In it, a great many of The Stars begin research on

many living and enanimate things. At this time the great cities of The Stars are growing, and are enjoying more privilages.

"The Taming of The Moons": The Capital of The Stars in built by "The Builders" on the third planet in the Sol system. Ceres

is destroyed to create The Great Belt, enabling "The Builders" to use the supplies needed to create the citidel more readily.

"Building of The Great Palace": Lucifer asks The Being for permission to build The Great Palace on Sol 3. It is built by "The

Builders" and is considared the Great Wonder of the universe.

"Fellowship of Love": The union of "The Holy Ones" and "The Guardians". hybrid Stars are born of the two races, and a new

fellowship of love grows.

"The great Transplantation": Oxygen-producing life is transplanted to earth by ordination of The Being. The Seventh

Proclamation by Sun-Star is made of the coming creation of a new sentient life.

"Collection of The Voices": "The Watchers" begin the great collection of the entire history of the universes.

"The Great Hope": The Being selects a small quantity of "The Guardians" to watch over it's coming creation.

"The Seeds of Evil": Lucifer begins a campaign to overthrow the plan of the new sentient creation. He successfully wins over

a large minority of The Stars.

"Strife of the Abode": In the third "Tribunal of The Abode", Lucifer unvails his true nature. Not only does he wish to

overthrow the plan of new sentient creation, but also wishes suceed from The Being's authority. The first act of independance

is shown to all. Lucifer is thrown out of the Councel and is stripped of his lordship and lands on Sol 3.

"The Battle of Second Space": The first battle of The Stars occures within Second Space.

(To be added upon...)

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