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Reality Shift


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Prologue Continued

In Colombia, the government of President Andres Pastrana, struggling

with its own decades-old civil war, "condemn and reject the cowardly and

villainous terrorist attacks committed today against the American people."

Pastrana was awaiting the first visit by U.S. Secretary of State Colin

Powell, scheduled to arrived in Bogot

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Chapter 1

She watched in silence as people continued to file in from the outside.  It was amazing to see all these people file in like this, all of them solemn faced and thoughtful.  It was unnerving to her senses.

They were filing in through the massive entrance doors of the Nondenominational Church.  They were moving almost as one solid entity, like the sheep.  She chuckled at the thought of sheep, seeing as how Jesus was the Shepard of the flock of mankind. 

Her eyes drifted over the gathering people with pity.  So many were here for only the events of the day before, and while they were entitled to seek as much as anyone else, it seemed to eleventh hour for her.  She knew after the next few weeks it was doubtful that she would ever see most of these new faces ever again.  Closet Christians annoyed her so much, but there were similar people in all faiths. 

Finally the service began.  They began to sing before anything else, but Tara rarely listened to the actual words.  She did not need the words, because it was the feeling behind the words that mattered.  The adoration of the Lord was the truly important thing in these songs of praise and worship. 

Once the singing was over, the Worship Leader gave a small prayer,

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Chapter 7-1

She shivered on the van ride home.  It was Sunday evening now, and she could still see the blue tunnel right below her vision, and feel the pain being suffered in the images it held.  She was worried about her soul, about the world.

She couldn

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Chapter 7-2

Old Beyond Years: Uhoh..

Falling One: Uh oh

Falling One: I haven't even said why I'm disturbed!

Old Beyond Years: Yes...

Old Beyond Years: Do tell. O.O

Falling One: I have a feeling you know this already somehow but...

Old Beyond Years: Let me guess!

Old Beyond Years: Halloween = EVIL

Falling One: When I went down I was concentrating on how much I've been researching Wicca.  I fell asleep and saw a few things in my dreams.  The next day I experienced everything I had dreamed off....

Old Beyond Years: *pauses and "thinks" *

Old Beyond Years: -Shit!

Old Beyond Years: You're getting dejavus too?!

Falling One: then came the Zip Line, where I worked as part of the ground crew, helping to pull down the rope to help them get down

Old Beyond Years: oo Shit... It seems like everyone associated with me is starting to get dejavus.. x.x

Falling One: six hudnred pounds of tension pulled down by a handful of changing people and I

Falling One: my hands were covered in blisters after all 50 of them

Falling One: by dinner the hands were healed

Falling One: (yes dejja-vus too)

Falling One: and I mean

Falling One: healed

Falling One: as in they were perfect

Falling One: but then things got freaky

Old Beyond Years: Freakish.. O.O

Falling One: They had a service later that night

Falling One: They wanted the holy spirit to lead the service and prayed for it to help because the band's equipement broke without reason

Falling One: So eventually they get to where they want us to pray to the Holy Spirit to ask what song that each of us should sing

Falling One: So I was praying and then nearly fell out of my chair when these flashes started going before me, too fast for me to tell what they were

Old Beyond Years: Yes..? o.o

Falling One: but they were negative

Falling One: bad

Old Beyond Years: That's freakish.

Falling One: and I don't imagine that from a loving God

Falling One: and then I saw a tunnel

Falling One: that's all I can think to call it a blue-ish tunnel

Falling One: and it seemed to be headed through the images leading to something

Old Beyond Years: Odd..

Falling One: then someone snapped me out of it with the bell for bed

Falling One: but I can still feel a presence and see that tunnel if I think about it now

Old Beyond Years: Hmn..

Falling One: and the feeling it gives me is also negative, like, I don't know, like its maybe changing or hurting me

Falling One: What do you think about it?

Old Beyond Years: *thinks* That's very unusual...

Falling One: *makes a no duh face*

Old Beyond Years: *shakes her head* No, you see, normally, I'd call stuff like that just "usual"...

Old Beyond Years: But that..

Old Beyond Years: Shit!

Falling One: To recap, dreams come true aka deja vu, hands heal at incredibly impossible rate, band's equipment breaks down, and then something negative happens in prayer.  Shit?! 

Old Beyond Years: Yep. o.o I'd call that usual..

Old Beyond Years: But that vision is bothering me.

Old Beyond Years: Do you have any herbs?

Falling One: herbs is a negative, and the vision is what is bothering me the most

Old Beyond Years: Ok.. *thinks*

Old Beyond Years: Any real gemstones?

Falling One: and right now I can still fell the tunnel and see it if I close my eyes and think of it

Falling One: no gemstones

Old Beyond Years: ....Damn.. *thinks*

Old Beyond Years: Silver?

Old Beyond Years: Sterling silver?

Falling One: no silver

Old Beyond Years: Shit girl. O.O

Old Beyond Years: No jewelry with silver in it?

Falling One: *nods*

Old Beyond Years: Hmn..

Old Beyond Years: Ok..

Old Beyond Years: I'll do a protection spell for ya.

Falling One: one other thing

Old Beyond Years: Yes?

Falling One: On the first night I was sleepy but I said something for no reason

Falling One: dunno if it is related

Old Beyond Years: And that was?

Falling One: "It's begun"

Old Beyond Years: oo Hmn...

Old Beyond Years: ..This could be a very, very good or bad thing.

Falling One: I'm leaning to bad

Falling One: Negative images and feeling during prayer is usually bad

Old Beyond Years: Yes..

Falling One: Normally I'd say its nothing

Falling One: but its stuck with me for over a week

Old Beyond Years: How long ago was this?

Old Beyond Years: A friend is IMing you.

Falling One: two weeks ago

Old Beyond Years: Yes.. For it to be bothering you even now isn't a good thing.

Falling One: does he have UFO Comix in his profile

Old Beyond Years: *shrugs*

Old Beyond Years: Marrakel

Falling One: that's it

Old Beyond Years: That's my friend/Mom-figure Mara/Ash

Old Beyond Years: Tell her everything. She's trustworthy.

Falling One: You understand if I told anyone in the Christian Church this I would be forced under scrutiny, and demons would be brought up as a possibility

Old Beyond Years: *nods* I know.

Old Beyond Years: Don't worry about the Church...

Falling One: I would've told Jackie

Falling One: but

Falling One: well she already thinks I'm crazy after last night

Old Beyond Years: Don't worry.

Old Beyond Years: Jackie's trustworthy as well.

Old Beyond Years: Tell Mara...

Old Beyond Years: *huggles tight*

Falling One: I think i freaked Mara out

Old Beyond Years: Hmn..

Falling One: what was the date of last thursday

Old Beyond Years: Last Thursday? That just past? The 7th.

Old Beyond Years: passed*

Falling One: seventh

Falling One: hmmm

Old Beyond Years: *huggles tight*

Old Beyond Years: Don't worry, sweety. You're one of us. *smiles softly* Mara had an attack like that Thursday, as I'm sure she told you..

Falling One: noo

Falling One: she hasn't yet

Old Beyond Years: oo Ah!

Falling One: maybe I'm just overstressing it, maybe it was all one of my dreams lately, they've been acting up

Falling One: why do i get the feeling I am not going to like what you and Mara are about to tell me

Old Beyond Years: *shakes her head* Whether you like it or not is not our decision..

Old Beyond Years: You must choose for yourself.

Old Beyond Years: You might think us crazy, or it might make sense.

Old Beyond Years: Listen to your heart.

Falling One: I know, now you all mgiht wish to talk straightforward instead of crypticly

Old Beyond Years: *laughs*

Falling One: That seemed rather hollow, almost as if you're afraid to have this conversation

Old Beyond Years: Somewhat.

Falling One: I was afraid of that

Old Beyond Years: You're name's Tara, right? o.o

Falling One: yes

Old Beyond Years: Ok.

Falling One: she's afraid too

Falling One: trepidation at least, but almost fear

Old Beyond Years: We both are.

Falling One: fear of being exposed?

Old Beyond Years: Fear of being exposed, fear of you not believing us.

Falling One: Youu might be amazed at what i can find believable after the retreat

Falling One: Though what you two are about to do, it isn't something about Indigos

Old Beyond Years: *chuckles softly(

Old Beyond Years: Just listen now.

Falling One: Remember feeling in my stomach, think of it as a wave washing over my body, through it, around it, and accompanied by uncontrollable shivering

Old Beyond Years: *hugs you*

Falling One: although that could be because I'm sitting in my underwear in a 50-some degree house, and yes I am listening

Old Beyond Years: *chuckles softly*

Falling One: Oh great, I feel like I'm in Final fantasy now

Falling One: Side question to the main story, what do the dark hearts look like

Falling One: in their true form

Falling One: not the decieving one

Old Beyond Years: *shrugs* Never saw them. oo

Falling One: why do you all always have to do that to me like that in the chat

Falling One: and I think I scared her again

Falling One: Shivering just stopped at reading "bringing a message"

Falling One: oh please, not the Spiral of Rebirth

Falling One: that always screws things up

Falling One: I swear if she says what I think she will next....

Falling One: ok, when shall I shut my big mouth

Falling One: *groans* Why is it this sort of thing always ends up within my path?  Just when you think something bigger is going on...someone throws stuff at you and you fill in the blanks

Old Beyond Years: Heh..

Old Beyond Years: I know the feeling.

Falling One: okay, I saw that one coming

Old Beyond Years: Heh..

Falling One: what does she look like in real life?

Old Beyond Years: *tilts her head* Life nowadays is getting odd. Mara-chan?

Falling One: yes

Old Beyond Years: Brown hair, freckles (I think. x.x), about as tall as I am.

Falling One: around 16-early 20s

Falling One: no dyed hair?

Falling One: or maybe some blonde hair streaked in

Old Beyond Years: I don't think so.

Falling One: Finally I'm wrong!! ^^

Falling One: especially when you know they were going to say soemthing like it

Old Beyond Years: Actually...

Old Beyond Years: I think she DOES have blonde streaks. oo()

Falling One: *glares*

Falling One: Even if she is right about it never stopping, I do have one thing in my favor

Old Beyond Years: Yes?

Falling One: I can keep whatever I see under control, break off occasionally.  I've clawed my way out of dreams before

Old Beyond Years: That's for now.. But good.

Old Beyond Years: You'll need it.

Falling One: if u 2 say what I think you wil about the dying....

Falling One: Did I mention I hate you?

Falling One: a lot

Old Beyond Years: Heh.

Old Beyond Years: Feel what you will.

Falling One: just kidding

Old Beyond Years: *smiles*

Old Beyond Years: I know.

Falling One: but you did what I thought you would

Old Beyond Years: I know.

Old Beyond Years: BRB.

Old Beyond Years signed off at 8:27:13 PM.

Old Beyond Years signed on at 8:31:32 PM.

Old Beyond Years: *poke* o.o

Falling One: oh hello

Falling One: I'll have to get off around 9 until maybe 10:30 or 11ish

Old Beyond Years: Ok.

Falling One: and now you wonder if I accept the story I was told

Old Beyond Years: Yes.

Falling One: what do you think?

Old Beyond Years: Probably not.

Falling One: Then you might be surprised

Falling One: I don't know

Old Beyond Years: *blinks* I am.

Falling One: parts of it struck me, others didn't seem possibly true

Falling One: as if my own experience did

Old Beyond Years: Heh...

Old Beyond Years: I understand.

Old Beyond Years: It still is hard to believe for me sometimes, and I've known this for the past 2 years.

Falling One: now if that damn blue tunnel would disappear

Old Beyond Years: Really >

Falling One: oh, so that's what you've been hiding for the last two years?

Falling One: the reason for your constant terror

Falling One: the reason you were afraid when you thought you were seeing my grandmother

Old Beyond Years: Not constant, not terror, but anxiety, yes

Falling One: Can you tell me how you think I felt at that comment?

Old Beyond Years: Terrorified? o.o Which comment?

Falling One: last one, constant anxiety

Old Beyond Years: Heh...

Old Beyond Years: Not sure. Mixed emotions.

Falling One: *nods* Not mixed, more around the lines of  pure terror

Old Beyond Years: Heh..

Old Beyond Years: Don't be afraid.

Falling One: Don't be afraid, but from what I've just been told...I'm being hunted and cannot hide.  For my own shadow can be a most lethal enemy

Old Beyond Years: *shakes her head* Fear fuels it.

Falling One: oh look Jackie's on. 

Fear, fear is something that I find interesting.  Such as I've been so rocked by it recently.

Old Beyond Years: Heh.

Falling One: so does Jackie no about this

Falling One: *know

Old Beyond Years: Nope.

Falling One: then I'll tell her we were talking about the Freaky Things RPG

Old Beyond Years: Ok

Falling One: Lies within lies, deceptions within deceptions, secrets within secrets, and yet you feel you can't tell me all that is going on

Old Beyond Years: I don't know fully myself.

Falling One: *smiles* Of course not, but you're holding something you do know back

Old Beyond Years: *shakes her head*

Old Beyond Years: Nope.

Falling One: part of me doesn't believe you, but then I'm quite screwed up today

Falling One: and you wouldn't lie to me directly

Old Beyond Years: Nope. ^^

Falling One: must go for a few hours probably, think you'll be back on around 11?

Old Beyond Years: Sure. ^^

Falling One: thanks, I'll see you then

She logged off tired and bleary eyed, and afraid.  Ash

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