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Help w/ online Updates for Dune2k in XP?


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hi orlando_gh

if the auto update doesnt work you will have to to to westwood.com and download the update from there, i have made two posts detailing how to get online, i think one is in the thread dune2000 and the other is probably in here somewhere. if you can find them they will tell you where to get the patches from, also take a look @ my website , in the downloads section , ive got a few patches there which you will need to play online. when you do eventualy get online look me up, and ill introduce you to your first online butt whoopin.  ::)

shy  ::)

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Thanks shy.  I failed to mention I have the 1.06 version patch, but it is still asking that I download an update to play.  I'll go to your website to see if there is something there I don't have.  And we'll see about the butt woopin', lol.

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