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Harkonnen Mission 9, north

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Well I finally finished all three houses on normal difficulty, and I've gone back to try and do the ones I missed (eg north/south options).  On the last Harkonnen mission, taking the north option is damn near impossible.  The enemy send waaay too many units (particularly at the start) meaning that I can't get established and build up a mobile force.  They just get massacred.  I tried following the advice in Shiroko's FAQ but to no avail.  Any other tips?

The screenshot here shows you what the situation was like just before my base got rolled over and destroyed:


Oh and just for fun, I found a sandworm on Atreides level 8 and killed it (well not really but it's a nice effect - it's on the ridge just north of the Ordos main base, to the west):



Gosh you'd imagine I was a teenager again...

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Thanks for that - I tried it again, but before I could build up any sort of a defence, I got pasted flat once more.  Ggrrr, I suppose it's just a combination of luck and knowing where/when/what comes at you.  Losing a wind trap to an air strike is bad at the start though, means I have no rocket turrets working and production is slow :( try, try, and try again...

Thanks anyway  :'(

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In the beginning don't worry about unit production except harvestors, infantry and troopers(for the rocks where the fremen come), get yourself to the point that you can produce rocket turrets, two refineries (build to 3 later when your defenses are strong) and a heavy factory upgraded to get seige tanks.

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I have finished Hark and Ordos missions,i am on atri mission 8 yet and in general i find Hark the most difficult becuase File as you say,they have alot of troops against them.

What you have to do is to have a row of 4 rocket turrets,diagonally(like you have but a little more to the south than where you placed them) Have any vehicles and infantry between them and always,i mean always have 2 harvestors.

When you have more money,make the rocket turrets into a "step" formation,i.e  a rocket turret to the north of where you already have one will be to the west of another one.

The entrance to the west should be blocked using walls and dont send vehicles past that point. When you have done that build a light factory and produce trikes. By now your spice feild to the right of your base will be full of enemy harvestors, Via the north route have your trikes haress them and have them retreat if enemy units come.

Keep producing trikes and store them to the south of the base,moving them closer and closer to the west entrance.

By now almost all your spice  south will be finished and so build concrete to the west of the west entrance,then build rocket turrets and move your trikes next to the turrets for protection. Thats it,you should be okay after that

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More good strategy, thanks, but it's still just a case of trying to store money and build defenses without losing them all immediately.  I think Harkonnen mission 8 is one of the most fun of the game though, good luck fighting through to the end.  Thanks again for all the advice!

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I have also problem with this mission, i was quite far, allready attacking the west base of Artreides, well i captured it(most of the objekt) And then the enemy, comes with his huge force and destroyes both bases(well the casualties are too big to continue)

Can somebody give me a hand? ;D

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Hmm What i did was to first capture the emperors base just north becasue then the enemy sends most of its force there,if it gets destroyed then good,becuase it wasnt yours to begin with!!

But seriosly when you start repelling the enemies on your main base that should be it.

I think you should try and target the harvesters,believe me they are alot of them.

PS:You do know that they are things called spice mounds?

I.e when you clear a spice field  sometimes a mound appears and when you run over it with a vehicle,it spreads out spice,it took me till Hark mission 9 to work that out.

In the south of your spice field,there is such a mound

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