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  1. Hmm What i did was to first capture the emperors base just north becasue then the enemy sends most of its force there,if it gets destroyed then good,becuase it wasnt yours to begin with!! But seriosly when you start repelling the enemies on your main base that should be it. I think you should try and target the harvesters,believe me they are alot of them. PS:You do know that they are things called spice mounds? I.e when you clear a spice field sometimes a mound appears and when you run over it with a vehicle,it spreads out spice,it took me till Hark mission 9 to work that out. In the south of
  2. NP,i will check here everyday for new posts so dont hesitate to ask questions. Another thing the ornithopod thingys always have a pattern where they attack,if you can figure that out you can aviod them.
  3. No,i was just wondering what people thought of my ideas,i wasnt aware of it.
  4. Scot,sorry thought you were making that game in question. I hope they suceed in making their game,it looks good.
  5. Scotsman,i went to your site and i am impressed,screenshots look good too,i only read page 1 and 18 though,i cant understand the programming though,i think my ideas are good but i cant programme anything. I am going to read all the other pages now.
  6. I have finished Hark and Ordos missions,i am on atri mission 8 yet and in general i find Hark the most difficult becuase File as you say,they have alot of troops against them. What you have to do is to have a row of 4 rocket turrets,diagonally(like you have but a little more to the south than where you placed them) Have any vehicles and infantry between them and always,i mean always have 2 harvestors. When you have more money,make the rocket turrets into a "step" formation,i.e a rocket turret to the north of where you already have one will be to the west of another one. The entrance to the we
  7. Hello, I am Tragic and I usually play free online games under this name ,I have had the advantage of playing Dune 2000 and I really like it. The ideas below are ones which I have thought long and hard and I think would work well with the current game. 1. The idea that parts unexplored are portrayed as a black cloud is a good idea. The novelty wears off when you realise that the only other units you will find are 99% of the time enemy ones. While it is true that you need to find an alternate spice source and plot a route to attack enemies, I feel that to make this idea
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