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Suggestions for change to FAQ


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Okay maybe it's just me or the computer's behaviour mods a lot or I just didn't read it right the first time.  Maybe this isn't even relevant directly to the FAQ and I'm rambling in which case it shouldn't be in here (don't remember if there was a hints thread, probably and it will be my fault).  Anyway, I was reading the tutorial for Atredies Mission 9 (if there was a choice for it, then it would have been West) in the FAQ, and it says to reinforce the outpost on the East once you take it, from Imperial attacks.  Never happened.  Curiously, I didn't get Death Handed either, so maybe I was just lucky.

Anyway, to add a hint for fun... once you take the outpost to the left, you are able to send Fremen all the way up the left hand of the screen to the top northwest corner of the map.  Move them about one screen East, then take a scout south - you will find a back way in to the Harkonnen base.  It is guarded  by a single gun turret (not missile turret) which is on the left of the entrance - you can go through the right unhindered.  A suggestion is to find the construction yard (south and a little east) and put 15-20 Fremen there, then send a single Fremen to the other side of the base.  Attack a windtrap or something, it will lure away his guarding units.  When they go to get your single Fremen, open the others up on the construction yard.  If you can time this with an air strike, you should lose all your Fremen but so what?

Basically, they can take the construction yard quite quickly, so get them to attack something else - pretty powerful guns they have.  If they are killed, there's a half-damaged building ready for an air strike!  You may also use this distraction to send an engineer into the back of their base, take over something and build concrete... you know the drill from there on.  I like to build spirals of walls to keep rocket tanks etc out of range, then build missile turrets beside key buildings.  Manually tell them to target the buildings, and defenders can't reach you!  Classic once the construction yard is gone.

Hmmm... stealth engineers... yay!

Anyway sorry if wrong forum but it's late and I'm sleepy... have to finish Ordos Mission 9 though, then I've completed the game on all three houses!  Oh I had a technical problem in tech help thread but can't seem to find it to say I got it sorted (reinstall of game), so that's why...


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