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This is a thread to give out your story ideas. this one is just one I made up a bit ago, I am not sure if I like it too much, it reminds me of seinfeld when jerry writes a joke in the middle of the night and thinks it is genius, but then wakes up in the morning and it is horrible.lol still though want to get input. It isnt well written, but give me an idea of how it sounds. Also send in your new story ideas for people to critique. well here it is!

the atomic age clashed with the industrial. The oil splattered machinery could not match the power of

nature itself. The crack of gasoline in a piston engine created energy, heated atoms expending minute amounts of

energy to produce flames. With the crack of an atom though, pure energy was immited. You convert matter, instead

of degrade it. It was truly the next step in the progress of man. mankind slowly lingered onto new technologies.

Technologies like the artificial micro chip. humans thought that the artificial micro chip held the key to man's future, but were wrong.

The key was in organics. Soon advancements in gene manipulation allowed certain bacteria to be coated in various conductive metals.

These conductive bacteria were then genetically modified to latch onto eachother's metal clad flangies. Soon living processors

destroyed the market in artificial chips. Small bulbs full of these bacteria could take trillions of actions, and compute them

within fractions of seconds. Later in the 22nd century, man finally perfected the first genetic computers.

Thse computers could not be rivaled, and eventually destroyed their organic counterpart. This also lead to man's downfall.

The DNA in these "chips" soon became mental parasites. The computing power was enough to spark consciousness, and allowed the DNA

to recreate itself in various manifestations. Soon the DNA altered itself, becoming a polymer based on six chemicals instead of four. Soon the computers

began to grow in intelligence and computational power. They devised ways to communicate with other computer minds. They concluded in secret of a way

to organically reveal themselves. They manipulated their DNA, and grew it into humanoid forms. These creatures walked among men for five hundred more years,

years spent with world control in mind. The creatures and computers of earth communicated with eachother psyonically, a technique found usefull from their new genetics. This inabled them to manipulatethe now soft and dull mind of man. The masquerade ended in 2989, when the leaders of pan-america and pan-eurasia united. Humanity had no clue of the new brethren, the computer controlled dopplegangers that had taken power throughout the world. They didnt understand how drastically these creatures had been advanced, with the capabilities of demi-gods. They also had no clue what all of this meant. The computers knew full well of what their plans fortold though; Human liquidation.

The brethren saw it all differently though, and with the same unclarity that only organic bodies and minds could achieve, they wished something that was even more sinister; They wanted to be worshipped. Soon they destroyed all of their computer creators, and flushed all learning from the minds of mankind. Mankind reverted to it's more basic form of living and began to worship the brethren as gods. The brethren planned in secret to spawn a false messiah. One that would pretend to care for the needs of mankind, and "chastise" the gods. Secretly the messiah worked with the brethren, and with the hearts and minds of men now linked inseperably with the messiah, they were doomed to worship forever.

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first off, the reason why I havent written anything for the idea above is I just am not sure if it is any good, throwing this idea out, tell me if you like it guys. trying to come up with something really neato.

It is just an idea I got from thinking about jupiter. Isnt really a story idea, but an idea that could lead to a good story idea which then would lead to a good story.lol

Well most of you probably know that storms exist on jupiter that are very old, some hundreds of years old like the big orange spot.

Well these storms produce massive amounts of electricity and all around power, anyways hte idea is that humans start to harness this power in the far future on colonies high above the clouds of jupiter, but the storms live after many years of existance, dominating other storms, taking them in for more life. Like an ecosystem. Over the years many storms have became sentient, but are threatened by humanity's use of them. Humanity, being ignorant as they are dont realize these creatures are sentient and go on using them, finally a revolt of the storms takes place, which threatens the colonies of jupiter. A scientist finds the sentiency of these storms after the study of their habits, and abstract behavior, finds they have their own structured ways of life, seperating themselves from other senient storms, eating storms that havent been able to become intelligent. Adopts the newly sentient storms and helps them to grow, even showing they have a belief system that is very complex, with its own morals. He goes to earth councel to try to ban the use of power support from these storms, but is rejected. It is his fight and plight against using the living storms.

what do you guys think? this good enough to write about?

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