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funny things with dune2000


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to shygirl4:

i copied dune directory from c:westwooddune2000 to Disc D, and first dune is clean(on disc C) second dune(on disc D) is for experiments(special modifications).

debugger found concrete bugs

official is


[p][p]  wind trap



[x][x][x] construction yard


illustrated to

[p][p] wind trap


[x][x][x] construction yard



when i debugging game again, program said

this program can recover deleted files by fault/error/virus when has been deleted, program extract new file, with same settings what old, dont damaging other files in game directory

i send one log from program


! program cannot found file  D:westwooddune2000debuggercncrt.wax has been created new file.

! starportable units is limited to 8, toy have 7

Added starportable  unit trooper

!Adding new houses for dune2000 can destroy game? delete house miranda ?

! harvesters cannot return again when worm eat him first harvester...

!internal error "trying to unload siegemultimod using: [ Manset"() manset"() unload"()"  '4 ] , all changes from game has been deleted. want to recover last modification?

!trooper debugged  selfdamage when target is near him

!ornithroopers started from atreides high tech factory airbmb ()" bdg ()() 4" launch airstrike() "ready" msg()#Airstrike Ready#" () 19c"


DDebugger ver 2.0 by fantomek and shoq www.polchat.pl

greetz : yes2mike , rat, harmer .ttomek, akir , fernisash  , madmax, fighterssh ,Polska , sickPL , robert , magda...

savegames for dune2000 with "concrete used" and buldings placed on other  concrete.

(one of the bugs)


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