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D2000 crashes on XP


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Hi, sorry if this has been addressed before in here but I don't really have the time to read through all the previous messages.

When I load D2000, I can get as far as the select territory map, then the mission briefing. But when I click OK to start the mission, it always crashes and returns me to the desktop. I have almost the same machine as my father in law, and it works fine there, I suspect it may be my graphics card but I really don't know. Help!?

Specs: KT400 m/b, Raedon 9600 128Mb graphics card, 256Mb RAM, AMD 2500+ processor (overclocked to 2GHz), WinXP.

Thanks in advance, I've only played a few levels of this so far but I'm a huge fan of Dune II (on the Acorn, no less) and I like the feel of this one.

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