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  1. Just updated me profile, (By the way I have ICQ but I don't run it that often)
  2. Definatly not a high priotity, was just thinking about it while drinking last night :) when playing in 800x600, the distory button for the Devistator appiers bellow the slecction pane, and in the new section that I added to the UI Bar. Also the new Icon is damn cool :)
  3. While I remember, The pic of a Rocket trooper is a sadukar, which is wrong... Does your engine surport the animated building of the starport and the refinary, when something is about to arrived, or hwn something is complete at the heavy facotry (the tank moving out and the green light)??
  4. Here is a quick version of the bar for 800x600.. Cool addtion of the spice idicator, I love it.. Oh, and a little thing: in DuneII if you covered all the way round your repar facility with walls the caryalls would pick up a damadged unit from battle, get it fixed and then put them back from where they got it. I tried it and the cayall would not pick up my damaged units. What made it worse was the fact that I could not distroy my own walls. Thanks for the update Dude. PS: Sorry for any spelling mistakes.[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
  5. VidiWare: In the original Dune II the stand worms would not leave the map till you had attacked it and got it's helth down to half.. The sand worms in the books were very fast and Very Very dangerous ;D TonyD: I seem to have a werid bug, when in full screen (Res 800X600)I have not GFX at the bottom of the radar / unit pane in the main game... Not sure if this is the for every one... keep up the great work.
  6. Just spotted one other thing, normaly you did not get the orinthopters from the star port, and the harkonains did not get orinthopters as well. Thanks
  7. Great up date!! Is it posable to fire death hands?? when I click on the palace, I get a blank bar. Here is a list of things that I have spotted that are diferant from the orignal duneII: When you click on a Wind trap, it does not show the power useage When you click on the radar, it does not tell you the number of good and bad unit's it can see. Also the missile tank seems very accurate, in dune II it had a lower and an upper fire range and only a 25 - 35 % chance of hitting anything. Thanks for the key binding!!
  8. All I can say is OMG!! Dune legacy is one of the best things I have seen and played in a long time... Thank you for making this re-make. One request thou: Could you map the arrow keys to map movement.. Thanks.
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