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  1. Here's another tip Boba: if your units are too stretched out trying to defend both the starport and your own base at the same time (they're usually seperate, aren't they?) build another starport within your base. When you build it, sell the faraway starport amd get the units back to reinforce your own base. I know this uses up a lot of precious base space, but usually its worth it, you don't need too many units and turrets for defence.
  2. The total time taken is T minus 7 which I think makes something like two to three and a half minutes. By the way, you should build up a reasonable defence force (mostly combat tanks) in the half hour before the transports arrive, and then incorporate the advanced tanks like deviators into that force and send it to attack. That way, you don't need to wait for the shipment to arrive every time before attacking.
  3. It is definitely for use against AI's, if a human is careless enough to leave his entrances unguarded, he's not a human. And Boba, the more time you spend on any mission, the more likely it is that someone (invisible engineer by crate, saboteur, fremen) will sneak through and get a sensitive building. Plus, according to me, progress defines your performance in this game, hanging around is one bore of a job.
  4. Some excellent advice on what units to build for what houses (assuming full tech level): Ordos: Get that starport going nice and quick, and get some missile tanks on defence. Use only a few deviators, they're not economical in large numbers. Saboteurs are very useful, get'em fast, they can really disable an enemy base if you chose your targets well. For the rest, combat and siege tanks will do. Atreides: Get sonics on line early, but only make such a number of them so they can stand in a line with little chance of flanking attacks, because they're as dangerous against friendlies as against ene
  5. DOHS, if the poor guy has just lost his CY early on in the game when he doesn't have a repair pad or a starport, how do you expect him to build ANYTHING??!! 8)
  6. Any of you guys want a way to finsh a skirmish real REAL early? ??? I have a way: ;D Early on in the game, when you're setting up your base, send your trike to explore a base. Once you've done that (remember, as early as possible), upgrade your barracks and produce a single engineer. Mark this engineer with any number and send him to wait outside (well outside) the entrance nearest the construction yard. When you see no units (or maybe a quad or a combat tank) guarding the CY (usually happens early on) send the engineer and capture it. Save the game before, so you can try again if a siege tank
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