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  1. Many thanks, fellows, for getting everything back running again.
  2. What Greenpeace is characterized by is their complete ignorance of anything to do with basic science. Even if the temperature of the planet increased dramatically, the melting of the polar caps is limited by the available energy output of the sun received on the earth's surface. Given the hundreds of thousands of cubic kilometres of ice in Greenland alone, it takes a minimum of 9000 years to melt it all. For Antarctica, it's far longer. Water has a very high specific heat. Most absurd, they make ridiculous claims about the Arctic Ocean icepack, thereby demonstrating their ignorance of Archimedes principle. Melt floating ice and the change in surface level is zero.
  3. Gwizz, is there a patch anywhere for RT2 Platinum that triggers the AMD 103 normally as an engine you can acquire? I know about the cheat, I'm just wondering if there's a patch anywhere for this one.
  4. We've got the web pages back, but not the map downloads. All download links simply try to download the website front page.
  5. I hope so, Gwizz. There's some terrific content on the map pages.
  6. It happened very suddenly. Downloaded several maps last weekend, but everything was crashed by about Tuesday, Aug. 18th. Please fix, you've got a ton of great content here.
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