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  1. So what is the OP? I do have the platinum disk and do not play through steam. Never mind, original post. I found it. I will let you know how it works. thanks
  2. I am one of the not quite extinct rr2 diehards as well. I have played almost all the maps available here. Is it possible for me to try your American history map?
  3. I often do not play games to completion. I get bored when I am ahead and start another. Also, I had played several of the campaign games in standalone versions downloaded from here, and never bothered to do the actual campaign versions in sequence. It just never occurred to me to scroll right! I wonder if there are other people who never discovered the rest of the campaign games?
  4. Wow. What can I say except thanks. I hope you got a chuckle out of it. I got a bunch of new games.
  5. Another probably simple question: I have RRT2 Platinum and I have a question about accessing the campaign games. The menu lists 6 campaigns under classic (all american), and 6 campaigns under second century (alaska plus foreign, like mother russia, german, edelweiss, battleforbritain, siberian express). All have easy, normal, and hard choices, and I assume these are simply different settings for variables in same campaign files. However, when I look with Windows explorer in the map directory, there are 18 files that appear to correspond to 18 campaigns, labeled #e01xxx.MAP, and another 18 windows media files labeled simply #e01camp, #e02camp ... #e18amp. So how many campaign games are there? Just 12 (6 classic, 6 second cent)? I think I have seen allusions to an Orient Express campaign, and a China one, and others. Where are these? I have unloaded from the Terminal maps that are described as "fixed" (i.e., repaired) campaign games and as standalone campaign games. I have no problems with the standalone versions, but cannot seem to access the fixed ones: I can see them in the windows directory, but not in the list of scenarios or campaign choices within the game. Were there other campaign games in another version of RR2?-- I thought Platinum was the latest and had everything? I am probably missing something elementary here. What is it? Thanks in advance
  6. I also found Hawk's site. Very impressive. And about a dozen new maps not found here. Thanks
  7. Thanks Hawk. I just went back and looked at a couple. I think you are right, I downloaded a couple of RRt3 thinking they were RRT2 maps.
  8. I just can't convince myself RRT3 is better than RRT2. I bought RRT3 quickly when it came out in 2004 for my then-new windows xp machine, but it kept crashing and hanging and i went back to RRT2 for the last 4 years. I am assuming there are at least a few of you in this forum who had the same experience or feel the same way. As you can imagine I have played nearly all the maps available in The Terminal by downloading them into my maps subdirectory and unzipping them, but a few remain undetected by the game. For example, in my most recent downloads from this forum, i could use the new northern pennsylvania-new york border map (nice job), but not the Civil War or Caucasus maps. I think it is the file extension type. I can see the MAP files and most of the Winamp media files, but none of the GMP file extensions. They are in the directory but are not recognized or listed in the game scenario map list. Is there a way to convert GMP to MAP? Any other tricks or suggestions? Also, is there a way to get the Great Lakes map mentioned in this forum as "archived"? Any other sources for RRT2 maps besides this site? Thanks for the trouble--- I probably should have made an account here about 3 years ago and been sociable.
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