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  1. @ hawk 5 instances of svchost.exe are running...no new instances are started up during play. The game is from CD and original...no copy or something else, but i run a noCD crack cause, i hate changing CD's and i get mostly trouble with some Server applications I'm running on my maschine... e.g. all games with securom copyprotection can't startup, cause one of my services, i need them for working, kills the securom task. So i can play some games only with crack or nocd hack ^^ @ gwizz thx, I'll try it as soon as i'm at home ;-)
  2. Since SP3 and the upgrade to 4GB of RAM the game lags not so early....i'm running now ca. 20 Trains until it gets slower. Memorytests: Windows Memory diagnostic = no errors memtest: after 10 hours, no errors Allconnection checked, everything OK here. And all other games run without problems. I'm playing Crysis on maximum effects with a resolution of 1920x1200 without lags...and i think that game needs more ressources as rrt3 ^^ SATA cable to the Hard disk drives (all 7) changed to new ones I've cleaned the PC a few days ago. No Problems with heat. The Problem of the Memory Usage could explain everything...bur i Think 4 GB had to be enough, didn't it? I've played for testing yout theory of events, the german map and I've deleted all events in the editor. The problem seems to be still there. @ Gwizz This logging tool from kimkomando.com seems to be interresting, but i can't find it on her site. Do you have a direct link to it or maybe a direct link for downloading? I've got a savedgame of a friend of mine...with nearly 150 trains...until i load it, the framerate goes down to 0. first i thought the game freezes, but it runs so slow, like the slowmo effects of Matrix *lol* I wanna play rrt3 without this problem...
  3. Hi all, the problem is still up-to-date some kind of ironie...my old PC (p4 2 GHz, 1GB ram) there lags nothing...until i'm running more than 50 trains... please, i want to play rrt3...*sniff* edit: I've upgraded to 4GB of RAM (full Dual Channel), but the game still slows down.
  4. good news for you I've sucessfully decopilled the rrt2_plat.exe and got a look on the source code...many failures of the decompilling but the general could i understand... without the sourcecode from the developpers we can't add engines oder modify engines. another question: is there a way to deativate breakdowns and crashes in the editor? or generally a way to deaktivate them?
  5. my favorite loco is the "Class 103" i like this train. I usally play in the later decades of Europe, 1980 mostly. It's looks so beautyful. I love this train *kiss* xD
  6. this extractor can unpack the files of rrt2 gold, but not the files of the platinum edition. in the rrt2 gold, there are many file in this archive. i think i understand the logic behind all this. But how can i get the modded files to the platinum edition?
  7. this is what i want to do...editing, especialy adding an engine some way to open them ?
  8. i'm glad to read that, hawk. the war against terrorism...everyone think different about it. I think that terrorist won't aatack USA, when they don't make war...germany isn't a target for terrorists...we are not involved in any war...we are "freedom Forces" NATO *laugh* luckily we won't get side by side to our allies the USA in war... one of the greatest men for me said, that terrorism is the war of the poor... the discribsion of terrorism is different for anyone, i think. see back on september 11...the USA isn invulnerable...it was a bad day for all in the west hemisphere, me too. Thats something i can't understand. On the other hand, the US Army killed many people...civilians too...accidents or colleteral dammaged they call that. The world could become more peacefull, when crazy people like Saddam or the dictator of Burma doesn't exist. Badly they do. please don't get me wrong. i don't hate the USA...most good PC games are from there ;D The USA is a powerfull country. I hope they learn to use their power for better things than war. I take a bow for you. You help me to understand some things in USA politics better than the propaganda like news. If you get to germany, i would be proud if we can meet.
  9. i'm sorry about that...i will never happend again ;-) you can't fight for freedom, peace and democracy...when you fight there is no peace. e.g. the war in iraq...where is the peace the freedom and the democracy there? the government etablished by the US army? thats nothing i would call freedom or democracy. fighting to protect your freedom is something else, but to fight in another country to bring, or better to force/dictate them to your kind of freedom is not right. my kind of freedom is to live with my wife and daughter here in germany. of course i will protect them from anyone who wants to harm them, but i don't want to go to France to dictate them my kind of freedom. i don't want to annoy you or anyone else. thats only my way of seeing this. I respect your oppinion for sure ;-)
  10. thx hawk...for the maps i've tried to open the rt2.pk2 file, where everything must be inside...but winrar can't open it. i think it's a database but i don't know which kind of... today...i leave my flat...and everywhere snow...everything is white *shocked* it's march...why are here snow??? what kind of weather is at you?
  11. thx, another question...can i add additional trains for rrt2? if yes, where can i get them? if not...why? maybe i can design some on my own...does someone know anything about making trains for rrt2? i would like to have the ICE and some other german trains...the german fast express ^^
  12. thats great...germany (deutschland) is a beautyfull country... i was in the USA 2 years ago...it's beautyfull too, but in the cities like Chicago...it's dangerous...not my kind of living. Near Hamburg (there is Buxtehude) we have not so much crime... I also don't like the politics of the USA...war isn't good...never John, a good friend of mine, he lives near Washington D.C. , he says to me, thats something i never forget:"foghting for peace is like fucking for virginity"...i think he is right ;-) please no discusion about politics... thats only something i would like to say
  13. thx thomasjordan for this advice... my quadcore has a special support for VMware and other virtual machine Software. in case of a game thats not running under XP (e.g. duke nukem 3d) i've installed in VMware windows 98...it works perfect for playing old games...working under win98 is really frustrating...new devices are unknown and no driver can be found or downloaded somewhere in the internet... the systemstability is very poor...for rrt2 gamers (e.g. reliability = very poor (that means you have a breakdown every minute with win98)) *lol* the problem is allready fixed up...ok it's more a workaround, but it works...sometimes xD if someone has a final solution for this problem...maybe a better noCD patch or fixed exe...I'll be very thankfull...otherwise i can live with the situation...10 to 15 attemps, then the game run's... Anybody knows a good scenario for rrt2? i play map's of germany without events...some kind of endles game. now i would like to play a good scenario. are there some in the game? or some for download?
  14. problem seems to be fixed...the nocd patch make the trouble and crashes the game now i play with CD...that's only make sometimes trouble starting the game...but when it runs, then it runs thx to everyone...especialy to hawk ;)
  15. memory = OK memtest 10h running without any errors...everything OK here connections = all cables checked...OK here too it appears only in rrt3...the rrt2 crash seems to bee fixed...the nocdpatch was the reason of the crashes...now i play with CD ^^ all other games don't have this troubles
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