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  1. Gwizz: That would be great! I'd appreciate a practical and clear perspective on the stock market. I read the manual when I first got the game and gave it a try, but I always seemed to lose money and I was never able to keep up with the AI players in building wealth. Thanks for any help you'd be able to share. I think part of it is the little help I have found on the internet suggested tactics that to me seem more like cheating. I'd prefer to play in a way that matches how the game was intended to be played. I don't believe in manipulating things in ways that would be criminal in the real world (my heart still aches for Martha Stewart). ;) RxR
  2. With all the competitive players here maybe I shouldn't admit to being one of the very few who play just to build the network and run the trains. I enjoy trying to service the various communities and industries, developing a rail network that helps the communities get what they need and grow over time. I enjoy seeing a profit of course, since that means I'll have more money to build more lines and buy more trains. Otherwise, I just try to keep the company and my own finances afloat while focusing primarily on running an efficient train system. I basically ignore the scenario goals and set my own. It's the same way I play other simulation games, like Sim City and Civilization. I like to set my own goals and get wrapped up in my own player-created scenarios. I like open-ended, creative games, rather than goal-driven, win-or-lose games, but I do set goals for myself as I play. It's good that games allow for different play styles so everyone can find/create a way to enjoy them. RxR
  3. Thanks, Hawk! Great site! Also a great place to come back to for more maps -- I bookmarked your map index page! Looking forward to installing the C2C and 1.05 patch and trying out RT3 with those installed. Meanwhile, I've been enjoying RT2 again, building a network to service the various communities and industries. Too bad I've never figured out how to get anywhere with the stock market in this game. At least I don't buy on margin and go broke anymore. Thanks again. RxR
  4. The following link is to an old page. At the very bottom of the page are links where you can directly download the industry chart, locomotive chart and also a strategy guide -- for Railroad Tycoon 2. Hope this helps. http://www.poptop.com/railroadtycooninfo.htm#Patches Good luck! RxR
  5. I'm also looking into this. I have the TR3 game, but never updated it. I'm getting back into my simulation games these days after not playing them for a while, and I just learned there was a COAST TO COAST expansion and a 1.05 patch. Is there anyplace to download the expansion (it's huge) without having to register for one of those software sites that want to send a bunch of junk mail? Or, could someone who has it email it to me? I just hate to think of registering only to get this patch, and then having all that junk mail and email ever after. Thanks, RxR
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