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  1. There is NO PopTop. You'll have to talk to Take 2. PopTop has been dead for a bit now.
  2. Don't believe everything the corporate machine pumps out. The Tycoon craze started in '99 after RT 2, not RT. RT2 was made 9 years after Sid's game so it didn't spark any craze. HELL, they aren't even calling TYCOON, so the comments from them are disingenuous. The key is CAN Sid make an RT game now that will sell because of something more than just HIS NAME?
  3. I don't think Phil wanted RT3 to come out the way it did. Perhaps that's at least one reason he left Take 2? I wouldn't judge an entire genre just on one game particularly since the "next" game will be done by someone else, and at least Sid does have some background. He probably has far more muscle with Take 2 than Phil did to boot! T2 has had control over PopTop since it was purchased from Phil, so again I don't think that RT3 was really what was intended.
  4. He set it up to tell things to his fans when he left PopTop.
  5. Yah the PopTop guys will get schooled now. :-\ I heard that only the artists were at Firaxis now. The rest of the guys were let go. Not really a merger but at least it fits T2's MO a bit more acurately.
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