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  1. WillSo

    Dune Dynasty

    Thank you for giving UNIT_INDEX_MAX location, I'll try to play around with it, seems useful. For now, I have raised unit limits for player factions by editing SCENARIO.PAK, which seems to work to some degree. I have created a small CLI utility program to unpack/repack Dune 2 PAK files (https://github.com/Will40/dunepak/), mostly for educational purposes and my use. Will be waiting for new releases from you.
  2. Hi, I've created a PAK file extracting/packing CLI tool, very easy to use, and almost a clone of WWPAK, but WWPAK is an old DOS program, my one is written in Rust (this was my learning the ropes project). Should compile on Windows and Linux, 64bit or 32bit. Made this for myself mostly, maybe someone will want to use it as well. Not sure yet how to share it, will probably upload it to git-hub soon I have uploaded it here: dunepak on GitHub. Screenshot:
  3. WillSo

    Dune Dynasty

    Thanks for explaining. The limits might have been there in original, it was 30 years ago I last played original Dune II :). By the way, when raising building limit, you have to raise All constants there, including slab indexes. I made a mistake only raising soft and hard limit, then had all kinds of weird things happen when building structures in two bases, like wrong building being placed and so on. Raising slab and wall indexes by the same smount seem to work fine.
  4. WillSo

    Dune Dynasty

    Hi, sorry if this has been asked already or in FAQ somewhere. I've just played Harkonnen campaign. Two last missions have very low building limit, how do I increase that? What, where should I look and edit? Thing is, on original dune II, i used to build huge bases with gazzilion turrets. Fortresses to withstand waves of enemies, I don't remember hitting any limits. Same with units. I used to have rows of rocket launchers defended by rows of siege tanks, the only limit was my patience micromanaging the lot. My tactics was go inch by inch, steamrolling everything in my path. Anyway, today, with these limits I overbuilt non essential stuff, got hit by several missiles hard, rebuilt again, scrubbed spice clean off the map, now I'm in limbo. No units to attack properly, no credits to repair damaged buildings. I'l have to write off several hours of gameplay and start again, this time with 12 (not really, some more, but...,) building limit in mind. I would love to increase that limit, I know this is probably cheating, but to each his own. Thanks. Edit: Found the setting I want in "src/pool/pool_structure.h", recompiled the executable and got it working with increased building limit.
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