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  1. hey guys, here is my story. I've been playing rrt3 for years now and i always had this problem. Once I get to 120 trains approx the game slows down way too much. It might be the fact that the game cannot simply endure that much. I play on Vista 64byt and the version of the game is 1.04. I have a quad core pentium 2.50 with a 8g RAM and Nvidia 9600GT 512. someone please help. my resolution is 1360x768. I tried lowing down graphics and resolution but no help.
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering does anyone has a map of former Yugoslavia? I have one but it's for rrt2 and I don't know if it's possible to put these maps into rrt3.
  3. thanks, any kind of help would be appreciated. ;)
  4. hello ,well i just registered but i've been playing rrt 2 and rrt 3 for a while and one thing that i hope will be available in rrt4 version is some kind of random system in map editor. when i'm making a map i kind of get tired of deciding what percentage to give to every different city and teritory. instead i think that it could be more easier just to press random button and the computer decides of where to put each ressource and factory and in what city and territory. if this is possible in rrt3 editor well i would appreciate you guys of telling me how to use it and if not well i just hope that it'll be available in later versions. btw i love the site and i hope to see more maps
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