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    Goal: Tasmania in the late 19th century, the mines are booming, and the apple farms are blooming. This period of relative prosperity offers the greatest chance to build a railroad which will last the test of time. Re-write history by establishing a successful railroad with enough assets to survive when the bottom begins to fall out of the mining industry in 1911. A word of warning though, Tasmania is small, poor, mountainous and remote. Importing locomotives from Britain is expensive, track building is virtually prohibitive and besides the exploitation of a few resources, there is very little economic development. Perhaps this is why Tasmanians enjoy their beer so much? Author's Comments: As the potential profits of Tasmania begin to be realized, can you build a rail that can succeed where so many others have failed?
  2. Tasmania, the smallest state in Australia, now has its own RRT3 Map. We've tried hard to make this map as historically accurate and good-looking as possible. We hope you enjoy us, please send us your comments! Paul + Tristan[attachment archived by Gobalopper]
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